DOIY fixed gear bicycle pizza cutter

The pizza cutter is an indispensable kitchen implement – cutting pizza with a knife simply doesn’t yield the clean cut and topping-retention that any pizza enthusiast demands.

However, along with its cousin the ice cream scoop, the typical pizza cutter doesn’t play well with the the other more stackable items in the kitchen utensil drawer. For a long time Park Tool has held a monopoly on a brilliant solution to the problem – cast the pizza cutter as a displayable item so it can live proudly upon a shelf rather than getting dull knocking about against your forks and spoons.

British design firm DOIY now challenges Park Tool’s monopoly with their new Fixie Pizza Cutter.  But does in come in enough colorways to call itself a fixie? Slice past the break and find out…

DOIY fixed gear bicycle pizza cutter

Yes, it does. Although these are the only two colorways offered, they look like they can color your way with the best of them, and are certainly enough to give the DOIY a fixie appearance despite the total lack of a drivetrain. Furthermore, the aerospoke front cutting wheel promises better crosswind pizza cutting performance than the Park variant. Speaking of cutting wheels, the DOIY has twice as many as the Park, and is fittingly almost twice as expensive at around $25 compared to $15 for the Park. But for that extra $10 you can now wheelie, nose wheelie, or simply roll conventionally across your pie. Which is nice.

One downside to the Fixie Pizza Cutter’s more faithful reproduction of the bicycle form is its ergonomics. Judging from the picture of it in action, these leave something to be desired. However, this form-above-function design principle should appeal to fixie riders. If your kitchen is missing a stylish, displayable pizza cutter or you need a gift for the fixie-riding pizza pie connoisseur in your life, you can pick up the Fixie Pizza Cutter here.


  1. I’d like to pre-empt a few (typical BR) reader comments:

    1) Damn hipster fixie pizza cutters; does it come with an ear flap hat, too?
    2) I can’t take it seriously. Learn how to wrap your handlebars, you posers!
    3) Just another cheap open mold frame from Asia…
    4) I can’t take it seriously with the saddle at that angle…
    5) Just STFU, stop cutting pizza, and go ride your effing bike…

    and finally,

    6) You know, it just doesn’t look right without a (wait for it, wait for it…) Campy seat post…

  2. Every time I see one of these freekin bicycle related pizza cutter things I think, how friggin lame! Then I wonder where I can get one……..

  3. @ garrett

    then there will be a 650b version that won’t cut a deep dish pizza very well but won’t be nimble enough to cut a personal pizza

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