Fix it Sticks Replaceable EditionLast year Fix it Sticks introduced a compact and minimal multi-tool on kickstarter that reshaped our perception of what a mini tool should like. The idea was ultra simple and consisted of two aluminum tools with steel bits that could be combined together to increase leverage and comfort when in use.

The advantage of the original design was the lack of moving parts, but the downside was you were limited to the built in bits. The latest refresh, dubbed The Replaceable Edition, allows users the ability to swap in different bits to accommodate the tools they actually need.Inside Fix it SticksTh tool comes with a recycled inner tube pouch that holds the Fix It Sticks and several extra bits. Each of those bits is held securely in the aluminum tool body by high grade Neodymium magnets.

Fix It Stick T-Way WrenchIn addition to the Fix It Sticks Replaceable Edition, the company is launching the T-Way Wrench. Which is T-too permanently affixed in that shape, which offers replaceable bits on all three ends. The two short ends provide excellent leverage and the long end provides better reach. The T-Way Wrench is sold with 7  bits, but will also work with any 1/4 bit on the market.

You can learn more about the product by watching this video, or head to the Kickstarter campaign and help Fix It Sticks reach their goal of $14,000.


  1. The first time I went out with the first edition I had issues with a sram der. and needed a torx and didn’t have one, I was screwed. This is a much better idea!!

  2. I was a Fix-It-Sticks supporter from early in their Kickstarter campaign.

    The tools are awesome, and I have had a TON of tools over the last 20 years, but the support is impossible to beat.

  3. bOb – I solved that problem by buying two sets with different bits. It was still cheaper, lighter, more compact and easier to use than most other solutions and works on my mountain and road bikes.

  4. So much for reading the small print: Somehow I had assumed the original edition had already replaceable bits. It looks like I only gave the site a cursory glance after all. I want the new ones. Matter of fact, I’ll be heading over to kickstarter and pledge my hard-earned money.

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