We’ve spotted prototypes on team bikes and pre-release parts on Colnagos and could barely tell they were different save for logos. Even Campy admits most of the changes incorporated into the new Super Record RS group will be hard to see, and in reality only two parts see physical changes. But, they say it brings the top end mechanical group’s performance to a new level.

Designed for top pros, several angles and shapes were tweaked, primarily on the chainrings and front derailleur. For the chainrings, tooth shapes and ramp profiles were fine tuned to enable crisper shifts and better chain retention. The front derailleur was then modified to be stiffer and move the chain better between rings.

The rest of the group carries over with nothing but special edition tri-colore Italian racing inspired graphics. Oh, and the whole thing’s only available in limited numbers…


The front derailleur is all metal, eschewing the carbon parallelograms and outer chain plate. Other parts are standard Super Record bits with new clothes.


The tweaked models will have the SC14 code stamped on them. They used this during early season race testing when the parts had normal graphics on them so team mechanics could tell them apart.

The cranksets will be available in 53/39, 52/36 and 50/34 configurations. They’ll come spec’d on some complete bikes and be available aftermarket in limited numbers and only for a limited time.

UPDATE: Only 2,000 groups will be made available, shipping in April 2014. Pricing is same as Super Record, and it’s in standard Ultra Torque only, not the BB30 Over Torque. This is the group we spotted on the team bikes, so for now it doesn’t look like there’ll be a separate “SL” version.




  1. So, Campagnolo’s pulled a SRAM and went with a lower tier FD in order to shift better? I mean, if I had Super Record, couldn’t I just buy the new chainrings and a chorus FD and be at the same place minus the paint job?

  2. I’ve used a Chorus 11 front derailleur and I’m currently using a Super Record 11 front derailleur. If the Super Record RS front derailleur is identical to Chorus, it is not for better shifting performance. The Super Record 11 front derailleur is more sensitive to trim but it shifts faster and more cleanly.

  3. I know this pains me to say this, but is Campy even relevant anymore?
    I recall BITD that everyone would drool on anything Campagnolo. Any legit road bike had to have SR or it was a joke. I was lambasted by the purists for jumping on the Shimano DuraAce bandwagon on my Alexi Grewal Pinarello.
    I have no idea what Campy vs Shimano vs SRAM costs but I would assume Campy is still a premium cost over what is crazy ridiculous costs for Shimano top end…no?

  4. Please give me a 1Xwhatever road gruppo. I’m so on the XX1 train–getting rid of the FD has been the best thing to ever happen. It’s annoying, it makes noise, no one can adjust it properly, it’s ugly, it’s stupid, it’s idiotic that it still exists.

  5. @chase – relevant? yes. frustrating in the way they manage their groups? absolutely.

    The foundation of Campagnolo is solid, but the way they introduce new products is maddening. 80th anniversary was a HUGE yawn. Sorry, but a matte finish and poor graphics didn’t have nearly the cache that the 50th group did (and still does). The new cranks they introduced that are in between standard and compact cranks have no group designation. Now this. Limited run, but not the SL version, so really you’re just buying different sticker sets (which aren’t all that attractive btw).

  6. Show me seat post. All the Campy sluts want is a seat post in the gruppo and they’ll be happy.

    “Just like the old days.”

  7. I am a Campy fan, have their high end groups on road and CX bikes. This introduction baffles me, they need to consider making investments on hydraulic disc and maybe even reviewing getting back into mtb (broaden their market appeal beyond the road). This serves zero function over the current Record 11or SR11. And yes, invest in a carbon rocker style seat pin to make the naysayers STFU.

  8. All valid points but you seem to have forgotten the impact Tulio and company have contributed to further our enjoyment of cycling, Oh and there would be No Shimano without Campagnolo always ahead of the game with the competitors and pushing technology!

  9. @16 Los,

    Shimano is older than Campagnolo by 12 years, so Shimano came first. Shimano was wounded in 1921 and Campagnolo 1933. So the old ‘Campagnolo has heritage’ argument is only put forward by people that don’t know the actual history of the companies.

  10. I do understand 99.9% of americans having issues with the “CampaGNolo ” pronounce,but holy crap at least Bikerumor should spread the right word insted of f**** Campy…

  11. hey campy 1995 called and they want their front derailleur and chainring design back.
    the reality of it is that campy is not even relevant any more….they just keep adding cost to outdated designs, no new innovation. where are disc brakes, mtb/cx groups? their wheels are old school narrow v shaped rims too. the only new thing is eps and that is far behind where di2 is now.

  12. @sal bass: you sound as if Tulio Campagnolo appeared from the grave to piss in your corn flakes. The fact that this site is covering a Campagnolo product launch and you took the time to complain about it demonstrates its relevance.

    Adding cost to outdated designs, you say? The article clearly states that this gruppo will cost the same as standard Super Record, and if you think Super Record is outdated, you’re either ignorant or delusional. If you don’t want it, don’t buy it!

    As for innovation, not everyone wants to see disc brakes and hydraulic systems on a bicycle. It’s obvious that Campagnolo as a company is always hesitant and cerebral when it comes to drastic change.


  13. No new advances in 2014 to offer the public so lets change a ramp or 2 on the rings and stamp the Chorus FD Super Record and add a titanium bolt or two…

  14. Ma che dite? Campagnolo ha inventato e detiene i brevetti di molte parti della bicicletta.. Cambio, sganci rapidi, moltipliche, etc… Come avrebbe fatto shimano a farlo prima? Rivedetevi la storia della bicicletta.. I giapponesi sanno solo copiare, anche bene, ma l’idea è nostra

  15. I have owned many Campy-equipped bikes since wayyyyyyyy back. I have also owned a couple of DuraAce equipped bikes. Shimano is OK. But if you are buying bike gear, go Campy. If you are buying fishing gear, go with Shimano. The difference between Shimano and Campy is like the difference between a Lexus and a Ferrari. Campagnolo has been, and will always be, the first and best in cycling gear. Ciao.

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