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We recently spotted a prototype “SL” version of Campagnolo’s Super Record group, and now we’re seeing an RS “Pro Team Special Edition” group on the new Colnago C60 road bike.

At first glance, there doesn’t appear to be a ton of difference between this and current parts, although we do see a bit of influence from Chorus coming into play. Scroll along for lots of pics and a bit of speculation…


The cranks shown are using their Ultra Torque two-piece spindle design, but there will presumably be an Over Torque BB30 offering, also.


The absence of a lock ring on the non-drive spindle confirms it’s Ultra Torque, not Over Torque.


They’re likely rolling on a press fit BB86.5 bottom bracket, sitting flush against Colnago’s new Thread Fit BB system.


Prototype-2015-Campagnolo-Super-Record-RS-road-bike-group Prototype-2015-Campagnolo-Super-Record-RS-road-bike-group



Levers look about the same.


The front derailleur looks more like a Chorus unit, with alloy parallelograms and metal chain guides. Both Record and Super Record use carbon linkages and a carbon out plate. And this is where we start getting ideas…perhaps the RS is more of a club racer level product and the prototype “SL” items we saw could be the top line…splitting Super Record into two distinct offerings. Who knows?

And could that be a Campy chain catcher?


The rear derailleur maintains the all-carbon construction of the current Super Record. The only change we see is a more muted, semi-gloss finish and a (possibly) slightly chiseled down adjuster barrel.



Brakes look pretty much the same, too, save for revised graphic placement.

Seeing anything else? Leave it in the comments. We’ll update as we learn more!


  1. Joshua: all these Super Record spottings are just fluff. They’re selective leaks meant to hype us up for the big Campy seatpost reveal—notice the way every shot is composed not to reveal the surprise!

  2. Does anyone else find it amusing that as chain guides are being eliminated from mountain bikes, they’re being added to mountain bikes?

  3. Does anyone else find it amusing that as chain guides are being eliminated from mountain bikes, they’re being added to *road* bikes?

    [i should probably have my phone commenting priveldges revoked]

  4. I don’t really understand this BB design. Why have a threaded bottom bracket shell? Why not just use threaded cups that thread into a threaded shell?

  5. I’m a huge fan of Campagnolo (have their groups on three bikes) but this new product is just about cosmetics and using a Chorus FD. Or am I missing something?

  6. Many pro teams have used Chorus front derailleurs over the higher end offerings in the past. You might ask why. Well I’ll tell you. Carbon cage front derailleurs haven’t been as stiff in the past. Also the durability isn’t as good. The difference in front derailleur weight between Super Record EPS and Athena EPS is 20g. Most pros are adding weight to make the weight limit. So they opt for the sturdier and better shifting lower level front derailleurs. Super Record isn’t even ridden by most teams. Most ride Record. Super Record is for rich people with more money than since.

  7. With the Italian colors on the muted black seat tube, it looks like the bike was made for this group (or vice versa.)

    That barrel adjuster looks the same as on current Super Record. The angle of the photo might make it appear slimmer. The only difference I see is the more robust front derailleur cage matching the graphics of the lightest shifters, rear derailleur, and cranks with Campy’s best bearings. You could actually make this same thing now by mixing a Chorus fd with SR, but it wouldn’t look completato.

    Another thing I’ve noticed is on Chorus and lower brake calipers, the adjusting barrel is the slim o-ring design that Record brakes had a few years ago, where on current Record and SR brakes, the barrels are chunkier composite pieces that are probably easier to adjust from a moving car by a race mechanic.

  8. I had a super record Front Derailleur on my bike and now run Athena. My SR plates separated at the joint closest the the rear of the bike, the outer plate simply ripped out of the plastic piece that held them together. I’d put my money on steel vs Carbon when is comes to the two rubbing against eachother

  9. If so, the entire 11sp drivetrain-line up is gonna change ? (athena,chorus,record)?

    Chorus in 2014 to buy the products you doing that stupid ?

  10. @drew83-a big advantage to steel front mechs it the ability to bend them to shift how you want them to. Pliers and some careful tweaking will stop your dropped chains, speed up your front shifts allow you to cross chain without rub.

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