camelbak relay filter pitcher for quick easy water filtering

If you’re a regular user of pitcher-style water filters, you know how long it can take to refill them. And that becomes more painful when you’ve gotta fill a few bike water bottles for a big ride. Or, worse, a huge hydration pack reservoir that might take a couple full pitchers worth of water.

Camelbak felt your pain, and their new Relay filter pitcher looks to eliminate the time delay by 90%. They use a new double filtering system that they claim fills the 10-cup pitcher in just one minute. They also say it lasts twice as long as other brands’ filters, providing up to four months of regular use. It filters water on the way in and out, removing 97% of chlorine, odor and taste.

Retail is $36.99 with one filter and is available online and in Target stores nationwide (U.S.). Replacement filters are $12.99 each or $28.99 for a three pack. It’s BPA free and dishwasher safe, and it comes in three colors. The lid locks on for secure pouring, and their lifetime “Got Your Bak” guarantee means you can feel secure it’ll last. Filter past the break for a pic of the, um, filter…

camelbak relay filter pitcher for quick easy water filtering


  1. Sorry but my PUR unit that sits on a fridge shelf fills almost two hydro bladders or a ton of bottles on a single water load and I can get a 3 pack of filters for the cost of one CB filter.

  2. We’ve used a PUR pitcher for years. Unless you have really nasty water, their filters last waaaaay longer than what they say. I’d replace it once a year (sometimes), but I could never tell a before/after difference in the taste (We have great water here, but out of the tap it does have a discernable “taste” that is removed by a water filter).

    I ended up installing an Omnifilter undersink filter which is far more convenient than a pitcher with absolutely no discernable difference in taste.

  3. Talk about a brand that has lost touch with it’s roots….I’ve always seen CB as a hydration company for the “sports” market….I guess now they can break into new markets like Costco, Walmart….ect…

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