WTB Volt Carbon and Rocket and High Tail 650B mountain bike saddles

After releasing a wealth of new tires for mountain biking and gravel riding, WTB’s introduced what could arguably be the first “650B” mountain bike saddle.

Shown on the left, the design is intended to offer better clearance off the rear tire when long travel bikes have blown through their travel. With the larger diameter of 27.5″ tires over 26″, tires hitting the saddle were apparently limiting frame design:

Pivot founder Chris Cocalis: “It quickly became apparent that we weren’t going to be able to use the geometry we wanted to use with a conventional saddle on our upcoming 27.5″ carbon downhill bike. We wanted to maintain the same travel, chainstay length and rider positioning as on our current 26″ Phoenix DH bike and this presented an overall clearance challenge with current seat and rail profiles. Something had to give, so we contacted WTB with the idea of a saddle to accommodate the rising popularity of the 27.5″ full suspension market.”

Updated: Check out the actual prototype saddle after the break!


In addition to the new shape of the saddle to allow for better tire clearance, the High Tail also represents a new method of attaching the foam to the base for WTB.


IMG_2720 IMG_2718

While the High Tail is obviously aimed at the downhill and aggressive enduro/trail crowd, the range topper is an XC-weight carbon version ($249.95). A Titanium–railed Team level and and Cromoly Pro option will retail for $159.95 and $119.95, respectively. Expect those to hit stores in September. Dimensions are 128mm x 255mm.

The other two are the new carbon railed version of the Volt (top, right) and Rocket V (bottom). Both will retail for $249.95. Both lines will also get more width options across multiple price points, adding to the original 135mm x 255mm sizes. From the PR:

“We’re excited for elite level carbon options as well as additional width availability for the Volt and Rocket V saddles,” stated WTB’s Director of Sales, Gary Gleason. “They are incredibly popular sellers for us, it’s empowering from a sales side to know that the Volt and Rocket will broaden their reach through expanded fit, sizing, and price points.”

Rocket V and Volt Carbon saddles, along with 142 and 150 widths, are expected to become available starting in September as well. Rocket V and Volt pricing will follow WTB’s traditional saddle price structure, with satin steel-railed Comp saddles starting at $39.95 USD, followed by $59.95 Cromoly-railed Race saddles, $89.95 Pro options utilizing DNA padding, and $129.95 Team saddles featuring Titanium rails.



  1. New for 2015, wtb will lunch a line of 27.5 and 29er saddle. Sorry there will be no saddle for your 26er. A 27.5 saddle is ridiculous.

  2. So ultimately the suspension design is built around this specific saddle. The way I read it, if I put a different saddle on your bike, I risk it not functioning properly!?! This needs to be pitched on a 3 a.m. infomercial cause that’s where it belongs.

  3. Hopefully they bring this tech over to road bikes. I can’t wait for a 700×25 specific saddle with a bigger fin to go up my ass crack.

  4. This isn’t a too bad idea. I think most of you are missing the point. On many dh bikes it’s possible for the tyre to hit your saddle at full compression, the only solution is to adjust your saddle forward and put it higher than maybe you’d like. On the new wave of 650b dh bikes soon to be coming out and dare is say it 29er dh bikes this might be a good solution for some.

  5. Maybe if your tire hits your saddle at full compression the FRAME is poorly designed? Kind of like designing a fork that allows the tire to contact the fork crown at full compression.

  6. Weir must have gotten so bored from being injured that he did this to fcuk with people…several weeks too early.

    The premise is ok (I cannot say , since it isn’t an issue for me) but to put the 650b tag on it in marketing is asking for ridicule…just wait till the kids at PB get a whiff of it.

  7. I’m looking for some 700x23c bottle cages for my road bike and 29er grips for my mountain bike. Can we expect these by this summer?

  8. This headline/article is like reading the topic list on MTBR:
    “what’s the best 650b headset?”
    “what handlebar is best for fatbikes?”
    “what valve cap works best on 29ers?”

  9. Enough of the wheelsize hate.
    WTB made these saddles because riders told them they needed it. If you have a larger wheel, lots of travel, and a dropper post, the tire can hit the saddle (depending on bike design). The only question I have is will this saddle be comfortable and give tire clearance or are we sacrificing comfort for clearance? Given WTB’s track record for making good saddles, I imagine it will be fine.

  10. Oh cool a 650b specific saddle! Oh shit, it doesn’t fit me. I guess my bike doesn’t work now.

    As much I love WTB, this is just silly.

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