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Photo submitted by Oliver Reantaso, “Fresh overnight snow here in Baltimore, not gonna miss a ride… I got a Fat Bike!”

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  1. @ Matt B, a lot of Upper Midwestern riders are rolling around on the Framed Minnesota 2.0? I live in Minnesota and have yet to see one out in the wild. I see a lot of fat bikes, but not the Framed Minnesota.

  2. I got this without initial cash out at all. I applied for a Specialized S-Card (run by GE Money), came out of the store with the bike and on a 9 month to pay installment scheme, one store even offered 1 year to pay, but can’t take orders till end of April 2014 due to high demand.

  3. Thanks guys,

    I think its a nice option Spec., Trek and others offer a finance option, but honestly are all made in China now anyway, so frameset doesn’t matter as much as it used to and the big brands are just overpriced. Ponying up for a name brand can be overrated.

    In an ideal world I would have a Surly or Indy Fab build or really ideally a custom build similar to the ECR, the Krampus, or some sort of mid-fatty all-arounder bike for touring, mudding, snow and beach riding.

    That Minnesota looks pretty dope. Sram X5 is junk but otherwise a great deal for a killer price. Plus that website is offering a set of slicks or 29er knobbys wheelset with discs for free. A true all-arounder. That is almost too good to be true.

    May have to convince the Mrs. to make room for one more in the stable.

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