Kitsbow Ride Tee_Grey Heather_frontKitsbow produces high quality garments tailored made for mountain biking. Rather than garish colors and baggy fits, their all new Ride Tee is a casually styled T-shirt hand made in Vancouver from New Zealand Merino wool. Each has embroidered nylon shoulder panels for added abrasion wear resistance and a stitched chest past pocket.

The Ride Tee is available in five sizes (XS-XL) and is offered in three different color ways – Black Olive, Gray Heather, and Charcoal Heather. Retail is $120-130 and they’ll be available April 1st.

While you’re waiting for the new kit to become available, head over to their web site and enter their  #JoinTheObsessives contest for a chance to win twelve grand in rad gear (including an Ibis Ripley.)


  1. $120 for a MTB t-shirt? Even if it is Merino wool. A sure sign the industry has lost its way. From cobbled together bikes, baggy shorts, cheap beer in the 80’s to designer T-shirts and craft beers. Where did it all go wrong?

  2. Trust me people….it ain’t just a t-shirt. Merino Wool is awesome stuff. No need to wash it all the time. Naturally anti-smell. To wash just soak in a sink, roll up in a fowl, then lay flat it’s ready to go the next day. Bonus: they outlast a standard cotton t-shirt. I also find they make great work shirts as they look nice, breath well, and don’t hold an odor.

    Merino Wool t-shirts are on average $85-$90. So not much off the norm.

  3. I’m assuming that its best to use a Cornish Hen, or maybe a Pheasant..Definitely not some barnyard Chicken.

    Snow Goose if you’re a fatbike rider?

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