Frostbike: PDW Goes Wider with Full Metal Fenders

Depending on where you live, the Spring months ahead probably spell rain. Or, in the case of Portland Design works it’s probably raining right now. Either way, if you’re running bigger tires and want some premium fenders, PDW’s Full Metal Fenders just got a little wider. Now offered in a 45mm width, the fenders will comfortably clear a 38mm tire in aluminum Full Metal glory. Each aluminum fender is  equipped with a rubber mud flap to keep spray to a minimum. 45mm Full Metal Fenders retail for $120.

Frostbike: PDW Goes Wider with Full Metal Fenders


  1. I have the narrower version on my winter bike and love them. Great to see these get wider. I’d love to see them offer a normal bridge along with the caliper bridge that it comes with, but otherwise hard to fault them.

  2. Are those bolt holes just to fit a bracket for the fender stays, or is that an honest-to-goodness reflector mount? Wouldn’t hurt to have one, even with a tail light.

  3. Do they still have the badge on the front fender? That was what turned me off from PDW fenders before. Save the badges for frame head tubes.

What do you think?