WTB Nano 40c gravel tires (2)

While WTB’s new 40c Nano CX/gravel tire shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since it was introduced leading up to the show, WTB had some other tires on display that should get your attention. We all know bigger is better, or at least that seems to be the thinking these days when it comes to tires.

After quite a few requests, the bigger skinny Nano 40c gravel tire is finally making its way to production. Initially offered in the $49.95 Race and $31.95 Comp, tubeless versions are in development and will show up later this year.

But you knew that. How ’bout some new mountain bike tires?

WTB Nano 40c gravel tires (5)

27.5″ x 2.5″ anyone? The photo doesn’t really do it justice, but the new 27.5″ Breakout is a massive tire. Designed as a medium conditions tire, the Breakout is specifically tailored to all mountain and enduro riding in multi conditions. As part of the new naming structure, the Breakout is offered in TCS Tough Fast Rolling and TCS Tough High Grip both priced at $79.95. Tubeless Compatible System tires will now be broken down into three categories – TCS Light Fast Rolling which is the light weight XC casing, TCS Tough Fast Rolling which uses Dual DNA rubber compound  and the TCS High Grip models which switch to Gravity DNA rubber.

The Breakout is joined by the Trail Boss which is geared towards trail riding and is available in 27.5″ and 29″ sizes. It’ll come in TCS Light, TCS Tough, and Comp casings.

WTB Nano 40c gravel tires (1)

The WTB Nine Line also grows with the addition of a 29 x 2.25″ tire option. Previously only offered as a 2.0, the wider size should appeal to trail riders looking for a slightly bigger tire that is still fast. Nine Line 2.25 will be available in TCS Light Fast rolling for $69.95, and Comp for $39.95.


The other big news from WTB comes in the form of a bottle of goo. Previously licensing Stan’s Sealant, after nearly a year of testing out different sealants WTB has a new official liquid. TCS sealant will be sold in 500ml bottles for $15.50 and WTB recommends 60ml for 26″, 90ml for 27.5″, and 120ml for 29″ tires.

48mm valves 34mm valves

TCS sealant will be joined by WTB’s new aluminum tubeless valves in either 34mm or 46mm. Lighter than a steel valve core, the anodized valves have a claimed weight of 8-9g and retail for $25-$26 per pair.



  1. WTB has made some drastic improvements lately in their naming system. So far, it seems like all their tires that have come out recently are true to their name. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if that tire actually measured 2.5″

  2. Re: “nice Schrader tubeless stem”
    If you have access to a lathe, there are aluminum [auto] racing wheel stems you can trim down to work with a bike rim or…
    Easiest thing to do is buy 20″ Continental BMX tubes, which are full threaded, and cut away the tube until they fit. Ironically buying an entire Conti tube is cheaper than one Presta tubeless stem.

  3. WTB has been killing it lately. Those Bronson and Weirwolves are all you need for hardpack, loose conditions and their rim technology and development is superb.

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