Inspired by the replaceable blade system found on your common hacksaw, the Cogly is a cleaning tool that allows you to easily slip a rag between your cogs. That’s about it really. The tool will be manufacturered from ABS plastic in the Twin Cities area and you can pick one up on kickstarter for $15. The campaign still needs to pick up an additional ten thousand in funding over the next month in order to get funded.

Via Kickstarter


  1. This is one of those things that would be neat to have in the tool box, but I have a hard time justifying spending $15 on.

  2. These guys are just way too friendly for the bike biz. Only if you are an aloof a55wipe can you expect to get anywhere.

    not that I like it that way, just the way it is.

  3. “I knew there had to be a better way.”

    Yes, there is. Get that guy off the floor, put the bike in a stand, give him a real rag instead of that piece of ribbon, shift to the small cog, get behind the cassette instead of fumbling about in the rear triangle, and floss that thing right.

    They went out of their way to make cleaning a cassette look awkward and difficult just to make it seem like cutting all your rags into strips and clamping those strips into a bow is somehow more convenient.

    Still, I hope they sell a million–it will give me hope that someday I’ll conceive some pointless idea for parting people from their money.

  4. I thought about using the extra hacksaw frame I have to do this, then realized how much a PITA it would be to have to prep the rag strips, put it all together, immediately soil through the rag, take it back apart, put in a new strip, and finish that first cog.

  5. Is it that hard to take off the cassette to clean? To me it seems they’re trying to fix a problem that doesn’t really exists.

    Either way, best of luck to them.

  6. My wife used to weave on a loom. Among a box of junk, I found an old big spool of thick, I guess it’s yarn. Viola!

    Bike-floss. Been using it for years.

    Good luck guys. People still buy those plastic hamster-cage looking chain cleaners too!

  7. if cat ladies maintained bicycles this would be on a late night infomercial for $19.99 plus processing and handling

  8. Seriously, somebody show these guys some high VOC cleaner, spray bottle of rubbing alcohol and Dumonde Tech lube.

    Clean long lasting chains with little accumulation of gunk.

    This is a garage hack idea most of have used in its variations for years.

  9. @ joe: About time! Get a spoke, or a real small screw driver, or even the end of a zip tie!
    I hope they sell so many I stock them in my shop.

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