There are a million options for blinky lights, but BioLogic Argus brings angle adjustment to the table.

The body is machined from aluminum with weatherproof seals and attach via a rubber strap. The secret is having 60º of leeway in the angle, letting you aim them where cars are most likely to see them. Side notches increase side visibility. Just click the lens to turn them on and toggle between steady and blinking modes. Each light runs on two CR 2032 batteries. Run time is about 40 hours steady mode, 140 hours flashing.

Retail is $19.95 and they’ll be out Q2 2014. Click through for more…


Their new Bluetooth Speed & Cadence Sensor links two sensors to a transmitter, sending wheel speed and pedal cadence data to smartphones. The data can be read by any number of cycling or sports-related apps, including Biologic’s Bike Brain, turning your phone into a full powered cycling computer. It’ll get 700 hours of operation from a single coin-cell battery. Retail is $45.95.

This completes the circle for them, giving them just about any accessory you’d want short of a power meter. Check out their Bluetooth Heart Rate strap and handlebar mounted cases for iPhone and Android devices for more. And if you have a folding bike, this seat post pump is pretty nifty, too.


  1. Non-rechargable batteries should be banned… And the transmitter hing: why does it have to be so ugly? Other brands manage to keep it all within one “piece”.

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