TLD Specialized Enduro 29erAn anonymous shop wrench at a Specialized Dealer just shot over this picture of a the yet to be released S-Works Carbon Enduro 29er. We don’t have any details yet, but official word from Specialized is that the frames are already sold out! That doesn’t surprise, we had the opportunity to sneak one of the big wheeled brutes out for a ride before the official launch last year and fell in love

UPDATED: Official pics after the break

 S-Works Carbon Enduro 29er.





  1. Man, that is gonna look SWEET on top of my airbrushed ’79 Chevy conversion van…

    …and it comes with a $2 off coupon for a 30 pack of Bud Lite…

    …and a life time subscription to Low Rider magazine…

    …and it has a built-in MP3 player w/ ‘Freebird’ on an endless loop..

  2. TLD rep and his buddy were total pricks to my Pop at SF Bike Expo 2012. Down with that company…Never had any desire for a Specialized.

  3. Specialized’s limited edition frames are like Omega’s limited edition watches : absolutely boring and after one year they get so ugly you don’t even want to look at the time on them anymore.
    I’ve ordered a Tarmac Sworks Olympic Red frame last year,I’m glad when the thing arrived I did not have the money to get it and I’ve passed it to a buddy of mine..

  4. I think all TLD Stuff at the moment got too much colours at the moment.
    They used to be cool but I would feel like a child wearing their helmets or anything designed by them. This frame is no different.

  5. Glad to see someone doing a paint scheme in something other than black, white, and red.

    Love the paint. It will look perfect hanging off a rack on my ’72 bass boat metal flake ‘Vette.

  6. tld has functional gear but their designs are pretty tired and played out. it’s like the same stencil and colors all the time. obviously, someone at spesh doesnt care about that. last year’s stumpy was bad.

  7. man Im going to hang that in my garage next to my fishing gear. You know because it has sparkles. you know, just like my bass boat…

  8. Does it come with a flatbill hat, 6-pack of Monster Energy, two tickets to a Nitro event and Staind concert, and a Travis Pastrana poster?

    If so, I’m down.

  9. Haters… all of you. Go ride your overpriced boutiqur brands that make you feel so avant garde and when you’re replacing the rear triangle for the sixth time or get snubbed because your bike is two weeks out of the bullish!t two year warranty, I’ll be rocking my Speshy in all it’s gold flake glory. Sick bike.

  10. If not for their logo I wouldn’t guess that was TLD … no thanks, that swirly-ish pattern doesn’t suit a high end frame!

    I wish they’d fix the damn cable routing before worrying about the colour scheme; having cables beneath the down tube totally sucks (yes, I have a Spesh Enduro myself)

  11. Specialized needs to bring back design talent like Garret Chow. this is just atrocious, when was tribal cool? 1997? maybe?

    Agh, Specialized, go hire someone out of a silicon valley, or techtoria, or any of the various well designed publishing sectors to design your paint schemes.

  12. reading some of the comments on here are funny. people smashing on a bitchin paint colorway from a top brand in the industry, trolling the comment sections of a website that caters to a niche part of a large industry. seriously, are you the same guys who are writing bad reviews on yelp about the pumpkin spice latte you saw a picture of at panera bread while you were looking up bike porn on your laptops? lame. bikes are cool, limited editions are cool, try to keep a positive attitude. 🙂

  13. I love going straight to the comments section on BR these days just to laugh at the narrow minded hater posts. Here’s an idea: STFU and go and ride a bike!

  14. @Lancelot “Cables are great down tube protection.”

    What does the down tube need to be protected from, such that you’d rather have the down tube be jeopardized as opposed to some cheap cable housing?

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