For 2014, the Trans-Sylvania Epic mountain bike stage races is adding more enduro segments and a three-day version for the working stiffs.

Each day’s stage will now have three to four timed enduro segments, offering a race with in the race for points. Having participated (note I didn’t say “raced”) in the Epic last year, I can say that having these small bonus challenges made the event far more interesting for those of us who aren’t strong climbers. While the skinny XC folks hammer away for overall glory, those of us who like to stop and enjoy the scenery every now and then have something else to compete against – the clock, and Pennsylvania’s nasty rocks.

And if you’re competing against a different type of clock, there’s a new TS3 three-day mini-Epic available that bundles in some of the best trails and the full enduro stage. It’s a great event, worth putting on the bucket list, and the new features make it all the better.

What do you think?