Have you ever been pulled over by a cop while riding your bicycle? Comedian Kyle Kinane has and it cost him $160. Frankly, he got lucky. I just paid off my first bicycle related ticket last year and it cost me $200!


  1. Absolutely SUCKS getting a ticket for rolling through a stop sign on the bike (especially when there is not a car in sight). I guess it ruined my day less than if I was in my car.

  2. Hey Guys,

    take this seriously since it not a case of the “cops v us cyclists”. We constantly harp on about the behaviour of motorists and demand that we have equal rights on public roads. that cuts both ways; if we want equal rights and the respect of motorists and a shared use of the road the road rules apply equally to us. A “stop” sign means STOP irrespective of whether we are on a bicycle or in a car.

    at this end of the world we constantly remind all the riders in the bunch on our training rides that the road rules apply. break them and you will play a serious part in further creating friction between the 2 groups of road users. Respect for cyclists and acceptance of safe road use can only come if we play the game.

    Pity that some seem to think that blaming the cops for our own misdemeanour. Don’t cry foul when next you are abused by motorists when you break the road code.

    Bernard (held a competition licence for 50 years)

  3. I am sorry Bernard but coming to a complete stop on a bicycle at times is absurd and should not constitute breaking the law. If there is cross traffic then of course stop, but if a cyclist rolls up to a four way stop and is clearly the first vehical there then coming to a complete stop is not only dumb it hurts the whole situation. Slowing down reasonably and then resuming once you know the other vehicals see you is way more conducive to a safe atmosphere and better raport with motorist. Now they dont have to wait for you to accelerate from a complete stop because as a cyclist you are creating your own power and aren’t just pressing on the gas pedal. If I come to a complete stop at a stop sign, even if I am not the first one there, then the motorist just sit there waiting because they usually let the bicycle go. Slowing down and then continuing on is a much safer practice because they don’t have to sit and wait on you. I am by no means saying blow stop signs with cars at them or do it at 20 mph, but slowing down to under 10 is more than appropriate.

  4. Always bail! If they chase they’re being ridiculous over something totally stupid anyway. You can always outrun police if you’re on a bicycle!

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