New tires are popping out of the molds left and right, with fresh goods from WTB, 45NRTH and Specialized. Now, the new Soma Fab Cazadero gravel tire joins them, offering 700×42 and 650Bx42 options.

These renderings show a solid center tread section with ramped leading edges and progressively more aggressive knob shapes toward the edges. Soma’s philosophy is to create products for the vast majority of cycling enthusiasts, not racers specifically, and these look very much like they’d work just as well on nasty pavement as on the dirt roads we’re all dreaming off these days.

The technical drawings (sorry, can’t share those!) we’ve seen show a 41mm casing width and 43mm outer knob width when mounted to a 14.5mm internal bead width. Adjust accordingly for your own rims, but they’re calling it a 42. Closeup tread detail below…


Word is, production units will hit the States starting in July, equipped with a skinwall casing. Price, weight and other details TBD.


  1. 700x42c? I appreciate more gravel tire selection but do we really need to go larger on tires? I am fine with 35-40c tires. I have seen a lot of CX bikes which is probably the most used “gravel bike” that have a hard time fitting 40c.

  2. I agree – 32 to 35 actually will suffice just fine (ideal actually. Basically a cross tire with a more appropriate tread pattern and some better longevity compounds than a high end race tire.

    I think the trick also, but perhaps this speaks to the terrain near where I live, is that one does a lot of pavement on the way to the trail / dirt roads. Some something too large starts to be a bit of a boat anchor without offering too much more benefit on hard pack or gravel trails. Let alone any potential clearance issues w/ a cross bike as mentioned above. Although given the tread pattern, I’d guess it would fit fine in most.

    Clearly a new category is emerging and it’s fun to see all the gear. The right tires do make a big difference but I’d caution anyone from letting them not “rung what they brung.”

    Sometimes it’s good to just ride your darn bike even if it’s not perfect for what you are doing, don’t you think?


  3. Why must always someone criticize?

    Many people have been awaiting a tire like this, including me. It looks really good.

    Ride your skinny tires on the gravel and off road if you want, but I’ll take the extra comfort and other benefits any day, if the weight penalty and rolling resistance are minimal. (and they are)

    Also, I expect there to be more size selection as these things develop, to suit, as is true of the Clement Xplor.

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