Canfield Brothers Cranks and SpiderWhile the market for trail riding enduro enthusiasts with a passion for all mountain and downhill riding may already seem a little crowded, Canfield Brothers is introducing a set of cranks that sets itself apart by accommodating riders of all different sizes.

Their cranks perform one really unique trick, unlike any other manufacturer of mountain bike components, they will be offering their cranks in four different lengths – 155, 160, 165, and 170. This means proud parents don’t need modify cranks for their super groms and riders with clown feet can enjoy a little more clearance. In a market where we’ve pushed a wheelsize and handlebar width for every size and body shape, dialing in crank length seems like the next logical step.

Canfield Brothers DH Cranks 2In order to achieve long term reliability, Canfield is using tried and trued technology. The cranks are compatible out of the box with spider-less chain rings using the common SRAM interface, and spiders are also available for those who need the range offered only by existing 2x drivetrains.Canfield Brothers Crank 2

One really unique feature of these cranks is the slightly raised bezel around the rim of the cranks, which Canfield claims will help reduce wear from shoe rub.

Claimed weights at 737 for the 155 68/72 cranks (with BB) and 782 for the 165 83mm cranks (with BB) is more than acceptable for a DH worthy offering. The crank and BB package retails for $275. For an additional $50, you can order a set with a MRP Bling Ring or 2x spider.

● 155, 160, 165 and 170mm lengths available
● Spiderless chainring compatible using the Sram style interface
● Low profile crank arms with raised external ribbing to prevent heel rub
● Light weight and strong!
● 737 g – 155 68/73mm cranks with BB, (782 g – 165 83mm with BB)
● 7075 T6 aluminum arms and spindle
● 68/73mm and 83mm spindles available
● GPX style BB included
● Spiders available for 2x drivetrains

Via Canfield Brothers


  1. “every sized” in the sense of “extremely short”.
    They don’t offer sizes for tall or even slightly above average height riders.

    That’s the downside to BBs getting lower: you need to run short cranks regardless of height. I have a 38″ inseam, my Canfield bike is the most pedal-neutral suspension probably ever made even with 8″of travel, all that holds it back climbing is I can’t run cranks proportional to the XL size or I’d pedal strike on everything.

  2. Those complaining about the lack of longer crank arm options have forgotten to read the title of this post which states “…AM/DH cranks…”
    Plenty of DH riders prefer short cranks (165mm) because it reduces pedal and crank strikes (dedicated DH bikes have quite low BB heights). Canfield has provided a proportionally appropriate DH crank for a broad range of rider sizes. Looks to me like the range is 5′-6’+. Mission accomplished.
    Want longer cranks for trail riding? XT and XTR both come in 180mm. 200mm? Zinn cycles.

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