WTB Nano 40c gravel road bike tireWTB’s taken one of their longest standing XC mountain bike treads and morphed it into a gravel road bike tire.

The new Nano 40c uses big volume and small knobs to provide both traction and comfort, all without slowing things down in a straight line thanks to the consistent center tread profile. From WTB:

“The inspiration for this tire actually came directly from this show one year ago,” stated WTB’s Product Manager, Chris Feucht in reference to Frostbike 2013. “We were blown away by the number of requests we received for a gravel tire last year so we took a long, hard look at our tire line and decided to use the Nano tread pattern as a starting point. We wanted something that would appease racers due to its speed and light weight, yet also appeal to those wanting comfort over the long haul. By simplifying the pattern slightly, we’ve actually created a more durable tire while maintaining speed and the unique Nano handling characteristics, making for a winner.”

UPDATE: These two models at launch are standard casings. Tubeless-ready TCS versions are in development and will come later in the year.

Sponsored rider Jay Petervary has been testing it, and Mike Varley of Black Mountain Cycles and Sean Walling of Soulcraft (both in CA) provided input on the design. WTB will sponsor the Trans Iowa Gravel Race in late April and Petervary’s own Fall Gravel Backyard Pursuit to show off the new treads. Grind past the break for options and weights…

Nano 40c Race

  • Folding Aramid bead
  • Lightweight Casing
  • DNA Rubber
  • 470g
  • $49.95

Nano 40c Comp

  • Wire bead
  • Durable Casing
  • DNA Rubber
  • weigh 550g
  • $31.95

Both will be available in April 2014.



  1. Neato, for what it’s worth wire bead Nanos in the 2.1″ flavor have been serving me very, very well in tubeless form for many years now on Stans rims. I see a pair of the 40c wire bead in my future.

  2. OK, what frames can fit this size? Looking to build up a bike, but can’t find a frame that will take 40-48c tires. Who makes one (stock, not custom)?

  3. I’ve been running 40c Smart Sam’s tubeless on my cross bike for awhile, work great but def need sealant regularly. The wire bead version listed would prob work well tubeless, altho I have not had good luck with non TR WTB tires in the past.

    If these were in 42 or 44 size with more volume than my Smart Sams I might give them a try, but as is I doubt the tread pattern has any more traction so not worth it for me.

  4. @FrenchPress- Giants new TCX line can accommodate a 50 in front and a 45 in the rear. In both alloy and carbon frames with disc and 15mm axle up front.

  5. @FrenchPress – The frames are currently not made, but I just put a set of Vee X-C-X 40c tires on my Blue Norcross SP. It has good clearance, and only might be a problem in heavy mud. Point is, a lot of the frames can handle tires larger than the listed specs. The Surly Cross Check and Straggler frames will easily handle this size tire.

  6. Let the MonsterCross revolution begin!!!

    It was a variant of this tire (think a 42c) that Matt Chester built his montsercross bikes around.

    Once you try this size of tire on a monstercross bike, you see why it’s truly a fit between a cyclocross bike and a 29er….and deserving of it’s category. So excited.

    BTW-For those in areas requiring a bit more tire, try a Panaracer FireCross 45c up front. Thinking that paired with this or a Bruce Gordon Rock n Road 43c in the rear will be hot.

  7. I’ve been running tubeless cross tires for over 2 years. I have DT Swiss rims, and am currently running Vee Rubber XCX 700x40c tubeless with absolutely no issues. I’ve ran regular 29×2.1 Nano’s tubeless as well, with no issues, so I see no reason why these wouldn’t work tubeless as is.

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