Mosi, the fashion forward brand in San Fransisco, just released their new Mode Collection at this year’s PROJECT Las Vegas. The Mode Collection will “bring more luxury, comfort and satisfaction to your daily life.” Polish your wingtips and strut past the break for more Mosi Mode…


Mosi states the Mode Collection presents four “very sleek and stylish bicycles, each having their own personality and flair.” Welcome Marc, Hugo, Carolina, and Stella to the Mosi family — all lugged and brazed steel with the expected assortment of classical accoutrements.


The Marc leads off with design “inspired by the original roadster.” Marc keeps the aesthetics clean with the employment of Shimano’s 3-speed hub and roller discs.


Hugo follows by putting its gentleman rider more upright and providing a host of components — such as Shimano 7-speed hub, fenders and dynamo-lights — bringing all-weather commuting within reach.


Ladies are treated to the Carolina, a name that belies its Scandinavian inspired design. Carolina follows in Hugo’s footsteps but adds the feminine touch of a wicker basket.


Keeping with the likes of the Hugo and Carolina, Stella is a simpler take on the women’s Scandinavian design, foregoing the baskets and sprung-saddle, but keeping the Shimano 7-speed hub, fenders and lights. All details and further info on the Mode Collection can be found here.


  1. Also seems they are without price… another city bike brand taking the ‘classic bike’ or ‘stylish bike’ thing as unique. cc PUBLIC, Linus, Electra, Virtue

  2. these kinda look like 80’s Dutch city bikes. Dunno if that’s a compliment 🙂

    In fact we still ride these. In fact i still ride one. It’s my “stadsbarrel”. I use it as a café and railway station racer.

    everything that can break of allready has. Twice. Rust is keeping it together. Fork is bent, i can’t ride no-hands anymore. Rear wheel has fewer spokes left than a Zip 404. But it just won’t die 🙂

    Hope these bikes have the same quality? I’m avalable as a real life test rider.

    Now, back on topic. 😀

  3. larsv, knowing that some of those Dutch bikes are equipped with 48-spoked rear wheel, I salute you for riding it with less than half the spokes intact. they’re tank-heavy and as durable as one as well.

  4. @ve: good comment on the chain case. A full case would make the bike more suited for everyday use. Which to me is the main purpose of a city bike. But slap a KMC stainless steel chain on it and you’ll be fine.

    @ ranggapanji: Off course I’m exaggerating a bit, but it does miss quite a few of the 36 spokes.

    The next story is not exaggerated though: On one of my former stadsbarrels, the bottom bracket lug sheared of all around in the radius to the seat tube. I could actually see the BB rotating when riding the bike.

    I then sawed of the seat tube from just below the seat post and continued to ride the bike. It took two more months before the frame finally collapsed when riding up a steep hill. 😀

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