2014 Specialized Turbo-S e-bike gets stronger battery and better electronics with a new all-black colorway

The new 2014 Specialized Turbo-S e-bike gets a stronger battery, ergonomic and electronic improvements and a new all-black color scheme.

Introduced in 2012 for the European market, the powerful and very quick Turbo made news for its 45km (~28mph) top speed and sharp looks. In 2013 it made it Stateside, and now dealers are getting ready to welcome the upgraded 2014 model as its replacement.

The new battery bumps power by 30%, going from 342 Wh to 504 Wh. Anecdotally, we’ve heard that boost combined with improved electronics could yield almost double the run time (we’re waiting on official word from Specialized). Fortunately, Specialized will be sending the new battery to shops for any 2013 Turbos still sitting on the showroom floor. Charging time bumps from 2.5 hours to 3.5 hours to fill the larger tank.

Other improvements include safer one-handed control thanks to a new joystick controller that handles all settings and bike functions. There’s a sleeker integrated rear light in the saddle and a matte-black color option. They’re available to order now, and dealers should have a test bike on hand. MSRP is $5,900.

Check the new black paint scheme below…

2014 Specialized Turbo-S e-bike gets stronger battery and better electronics with a new all-black colorway

2014 Specialized Turbo-S e-bike gets stronger battery and better electronics with a new all-black colorway



  1. Can you get those tires as a single item without buying the whole bike? The fatty slicks would be great on one of my non-electronic bikes.

  2. Such a fun bike to ride. I spent a day on one last summer. Still does not beat a real bike but if I was in the market for a pedal assist and I had the cash I would get one.

  3. That’s the nicest looking e-bike I’ve seen. But I can’t help but think that for what it is, and at $6k I would rather spend a bit more and get an electric motorcycle or a road bike. I don’t really get this expensive middle ground. Great looking bike nonetheless!

  4. You can’t use a motorcycle on a bike path. With this, people with too much money can go as fast as pro cyclists, or even faster, and beat all those tryhard racers.

  5. Say what you want about the price or the functionality, but I can tell you, this bike is an absolute blast to ride. And the weight is pretty reasonable too.

  6. these are very very fun to ride; I messed around with one because my sponsor shop is a Spesh dealer. I don’t have the scratch or need for one right now but man it would make grocery runs / errands on super windy days here in Boulder a lot less tempting to take the car out. I can definitely see this filling a niche in enabling the commute-curious who may have been tempted to bike commute but put off by hills / wind (we have plenty of both in Colorado) or just being a bit further than they can justify riding in. I saw lots and lots of e-bikes in Switzerland and they seem to be filling that exact niche; primarily commuters dressed in business wear, ties / scarves jauntily flying in the wind as they breezed past our group ride. I am an amateur roadie / cx racer and I see nothing wrong with it.

  7. I, for one, will not pay 6k for an ebike; but, I would not spend $500 one either. So I am not the market for this bike, the big S thinks there is a market. Go for it, sell a bunch. I have no problem with it as long as the next version doesn’t show up at the local trail head with knobby tires and suspension.

  8. Can we stop calling everything that is black “Stealth” and say what it really is “Lazy”. Besides I thought we needed to be MORE visible on the road.

  9. Just buy a used Tidal Force bike for a grand. With a new battery pack it will go over 30 mph, folds in two for easier transport, and has a range of 20 miles. And a second. rear attached battery pack doubles the distance. You also get turbo and cruise control. And, there is even a company that will upgrade them to use lithium type batteries. Totally quiet operation and a good 21 speed gear set. My wife and I could never ride a bike in the step foothills where we live, but this bike makes it a reality.

  10. Nothing wrong with this ebike except that it is on bikeromur.com. How about putting all of these on a separate webstie called ebikerumor.com?

  11. An E-Bike without an electronic drivetrain? Missed an opportunity for an even more expensive bike. Though if I had a job, and that job required a long commute, this might be the bike for me.

  12. An indirect, sarcastic response to @RideBeerSleep:

    Specialized needs to price this thing at around $499 and they’ll sell out fast!

    In related news, BMW would sell way more 760iL’s if they cost $9,999 instead of $89,999. Also, homes here in San Francisco would be much better for me if they cost $99,999 instead of $954,999 for a 2 bedroom/2 bath. Additionally, the Patek-Philippe watch I’ve been eyeing would so be on my wrist if it cost $99.99 instead of $25,000.

    If things cost more than I can afford, then they’re too expensive.

  13. Not to get nitpicky, but Watt-hours is energy not power. Energy lets you go further. Power (Watts) from the motor makes you go faster. Big difference!

  14. I want one. Add front suspension and room for off-road tires and I’m ordering it. Would love to do light off-road touring on this.

  15. “With this, people with too much money can go as fast as pro cyclists,” and crash more spectacularly.

    I think they’re great, but can see that a number newbies won’t have the skills or common sense to save their arse just before crashing at 40-45 km/h. I was nearly taken out by an older woman who though the oncoming lane in the intersection was a great place to pass on her e-bike at the bottom of a hill. Darwin award in the making.

  16. “The new battery bumps power by 30%, going from 342 Wh to 504 Wh.”

    The new battery adds 162 Wh (504 – 342 = 162)
    This is roughly a 47% increase (162/342 = 0.47) of Wh

  17. I’m supprised that BikeEngineer harps on the writer using the word power while overlooking the miscalculation “The new battery bumps power by 30%, going from 342 Wh to 504 Wh”.

    504 Wh – 342 Wh = 162 Wh
    162 Wh / 342 Wh = ~47% “Energy” increase

  18. Actually, i like the red color more than the massive looking black one.
    Can’t you buy the red version with new battery in it?

  19. What a fun bike, I’m 52 and the bike made me feel 13 again. You can ride full speed for hours and not get tired. One test ride and I was sold, untill they told me the price. I still want one,just not 6000 dollars worth. If prices adjust or I find one used I’m in!

  20. Where are these bikes ?? I haven’t seen one in the local Specialized bike shop as yet !!!! The red version with the new Bat would be better choice. VT

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