Happy Hour WatchBikes and beer are two of our favorite things here at BikeRumor, so we had to share this great new watch series from Happy Hour. Their light hearted time pieces have a built in bottle opener, so you’ll never be without, and are waterproof up to 100M.

Head past the break to see the entire line up.Happy Hour the Light WeightThe light weight model retails for $125 and the ridges along the face resemble a bottle cap. This watch is also available with either a black band, or a black face and band.
Happy Hour the Ish
The $149 Ish watch helps you keep things in proper perspective. The face is crystal clear when it matters most, and the rest of the day is slightly fuzzy. In addition to the silver/gray, the watch is also available in a silver/orange, and stunning black on black.Happy Hour Bottoms Up WatchThe Bottoms Up model retails for $79.99 and one set of hands is always pointing to Happy Hour. In addition to this root beer flavor, the company offers a black band with either a Heineken green or pilsner yellow face.

To view the entire collection, head over to Happy Hour.


  1. Really? Do we need every product to double as a bottle opener? Especially when there’s a myriad of ways to open a beer bottle w/out an opener.

  2. So let me get this straight. My Heckler has a bottle opener on the NDS CS/SS junction. My Reef sandals have one on the bottom, next to the built-in flask in the sole. My CamelBak has a Swiss Army knife with a bottle opener. And now my watch will have one.

    Note to self: Attach a bottle opener to anything to make money off yet another sucka!

  3. Bike related.

    Not that I don’t have a dozen bottle openers from braze-ons, bicycle accessories, and bicycle tools that all decided I needed another bottle opener. At least if I have a 12 pack and 12 people to give them to, no one has to wait in line to use a bottle opener.

  4. 1. who wants to open a bottle with the bottom of their shoe? That was brilliant.
    2. I was on a beach in miami at 4am with some girls and a friend. Non of us smoke and there were no tables. but I used my watch and then the chick stole it from me.
    3. Ive had these ever since they came out a couple years ago. And they are only getting better.
    4. Im super hyped to have randomly seen it on BR and Ill be ordering that Light Weight for havasu this summer!

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