9point8 Pulse Stepper dropper seat post updated with new thumb lever and lower price

Last summer, Canadian company 9point8 dropped a new take on the height adjustable seat post with their Pulse.

The design uses a stepped dropping motion, falling or rising in 5mm increments with a short click/pull of the remote lever, or dropping/rising all the way with a full push/pull. Video in the launch story shows the action in detail. Now, they’ve added a thumb lever option to complement the original (and nearly full size) brake lever remote. It’s shown above, and it adds some nifty mounting options thanks to a very versatile design.

Video of that and a comparison pic below…

9point8 Pulse Stepper dropper seat post updated with new thumb lever and lower price

The original lever (left) mounts above and inboard of your shifter and standard brake lever mount. The new, much smaller thumb lever (right) adds options.

In other news, the price has dropped to $449 USD for 2014.



  1. Was going to buy this post, incremental drop is perfect for CC racing hardtails. Went with the KS instead because the 9P8 only has a 4″ drop, and the 5mm drop is too small. If they had had a 5″ overall drop and 1/2″ incremental steps – would have bought it….

  2. The days of attaching the cable end to the saddle head are over. It either needs to be fixed (like the Kronolog) or internally routed.

    I don’t need a cable getting caught on apparel/shock mounts/seat collars.

    Bonus: The first bicycle company that uses anything other than a Zip-tie to route cables on their bikes gets a cookie. I have a $9,000 bike and they use parts I can get for a dollar at the hardware store. Something is wrong with that. Last time I looked under the hood of my Lambo, there wasn’t a single Zip-tie to be found.

  3. So it has some nice features, but until it’s cheaper than the Reverb I think they’re going to have a tough time making any major footprint in the dropper post world. Honestly if I was going to pay for something that costs around $500 and wasn’t a Reverb I would just get the Thomson because it’s a company that I trust.

  4. @Seraph They may have trouble hitting that point, given the complicated stepper valve that they use to drop in the 5mm increments.

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