Fietsklik (means ‘bike click’) is a Dutch company that’s about to hit the states with their amazing carry-all bike rack, cooler and bag system.

As the story goes, the business was born because they dropped a case of beer while trying to transport it by bicycle. A cardinal sin, to be sure, and one worthy of a solution. Enter the Crate and its locking platform, which is large enough to hold (yep) a full case of your favorite beverage. It slots onto The Klik platform, which secures to most standard rear racks and holds the Crate and other accessories tight.

Klik thru for pics and more details…


It bolts on the rack, then locks the Crate into place, preventing theft of either piece…and keeping the Crate from tumbling off en route. Like so:


The Crate carries up to 25kg (55lb) and has wheels hidden underneath and a long handle up top. So no, they weren’t just dragging it along in that video.

The Klik retails for €35 and the Crate for €50. They have messenger bag panniers on the way, too:


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  1. hmm. you know what else works great as a (significantly lighter weight) cooler? A waterproof pannier from, um, anyone who makes a waterproof pannier.

  2. Thanks for the likes people!

    @aaron to answer you question: we’ll be on Kickstarter really soon with US prices. We’ll be taking pre-orders from there. Follow us on fb or twitter if you want to stay posted on when it goes up! And don’t forget to take pictures on Instagram when you get it #fietsklik 😉

    @24elinore: the crate actually doesn’t weigh very much, only 1.8 kg. It can carry a load up to 25kg. It’s low center of gravity and centered position on the back of the bike actually make it feel like a lot less when you’re biking around with it. We also make lockable waterproof pannier bags by the way 🙂

  3. Great to see this on your site! A kickstarter will be coming up with US pricing soon. @24elsinore, Awesome idea also putting beer in the panniers. We normally fill our panniers up with food while the Crate carries the beer but I guess we could be transporting twice as much beer now 😉

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