hack bluetooth speaker to provide turn by turn navigation on a bicycle

When the Schwinn CycleNav came out, my first thought was “Man, wouldn’t this be great if it could stream your music, too?”

Then, some readers suggested it’d be even better if it gave turn by turn navigation with actual street names and such. Then it hit me – Just use the very bicycle friendly Boombotix Rex, Google/Apple Maps and Pandora.


Killer (and loud!) music from great sounding speakers and detailed navigation. Sure, the Rex costs twice as much and doesn’t have a light, but the audio rocks and the directions are legit. And I’ve already got a light.

So, the hack: sync your phone to a Bluetooth speaker, pick your favorite map app and tunes and –boom- you’ve got your own rockin’ never-get-lost set up. UPDATE: You can do this with any Bluetooth speaker, but the folks at Boombotix just chimed in to say the Rex can also ping Siri, letting you remake your directions on the fly without pulling your phone out of your pocket/bag. It’ll also answer calls, though not sure how well the speakerphone mic will pick up while cruising along.


What do you think?