WLWC Croc Skin Fixie Frame CloseUp

When one stops to think, “what has never been done before?” what does one answer? Swathe a French fixed-gear in reclaimed, black crocodile skins? Naturally! But whatever for? Just because one can. How much is this thing gonna cost? If you have to ask, it’s not for you. But you can still bemusedly ogle the pics past the break…

WLWC Croc Skin Fixie Saddle

No, this is not a joke. Yes, this was actually done. Yes, in France — where else? Will you buy one? No, you won’t. But if you did the cost is quoted by the manufacturer, Watch Life With Curiosity (WLWC), at 14,500 EUR (aprox. $20k).

WLWC Croc Skin Fixie Headbadge

Four crocodiles and ninety hours of French labor were devoted to each bicycle.

WLWC Croc Skin Fixie Custom Lace

Custom lacing is simply icing on the crocodile cake.

WLWC Croc Skin Fixie

The sum of its parts – maybe beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

WLWC Croc Skin RocksAnd just in case you were wondering, yes, they do also cover beach-rocks in lamb leather (also reclaimed, I assume). See more from WLWC here.




  1. BR still hasn’t learned – Just because there’s a bicycle involved in the story doesn’t mean there’s anything of interest to cyclists.

  2. @Pynchonite

    Get out! You are done here. Leave the internet and don’t come back until tomorrow.

    To Pete & mudrock – you made the effort to come here and comment on this article, so it did it’s job. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. And certainly don’t comment on how much you hate it.

  3. I’m going to have to side with the haters.

    Why bother making an exorbitantly expensive bicycle if you aren’t going to even bother making one worth looking at. This is a classic example of style over every other aspect of this piece.

  4. the real crime here is the lamb skin covered rocks are better looking than the bike. black on black for the bike was a mistake. & the build is boring. If the goal was to make art, then it fell short.

  5. @Surly Shawn: Wow, comment police eh? “Dissenting opinion? Don’t post that crap here, what do you think these public comment sections are for?”.

    Take the good with the bad, or just remove the comments section altogether.

  6. fleche1454 “nice toothpaste welds on a $20,000 bike.” You aren’t kiddiing. I’m a welder and at before I looked I thought you were just talkin smack, but after looking, wow! Those welds are way too hot.

  7. Same Pete here. To all the lovers of this thing, as far as functionality, it appears to be nothing more than a cheap aluminum frameset all dressed up with nowhere to go.

    So as a piece of art, i take no issue with it. It may look like a bike, wheels may turn like a bike, but this is no bike.

    @SurlyShawn, having clicked through to see more, within a few seconds i got the joke…the joke was on me. Was that the “job” of this article?

  8. I just don’t get why the “artists” who always seem to find joy in bedazzling bikes find the need to start with a huge POS. START with a beautiful masterpiece build by another artisan and a lot more people would see some worth here.

  9. It’s hideous, and I hope that the designers realise that it has e^iπ + 1 merit. I could honestly get a cooler and lighter and cheaper and less cruel and more environmentally friendly finish with Gorilla tape, but I wouldn’t, cuz bikes have paint instead of dead animal skin.

  10. brooklyn machine works did this concept already.. also wrapping a $100 china frame (nasty welds) in croc for $20,000 is still a cheap ass china frame.this is what happens when kooks with cash get “great ideas”.

  11. HAHAHA you have to laugh. I mean, they try to be cool and look at this awful thing. @Ripnshread agreed, but no matter what, this still this is a poor soul of a bicycle wrapped in the skin of a deceased reptile. It’s all black because it’s DARK. No love here folks. And one of THOSE brake levers. That stem! It’s sad that people thought this will appeal to others, and sadder still that it in fact will.

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