While Americans where attempting to sleep, Trek World Racing’s Brook Macdonald was getting ready to race the New Zealand National Championships. His secret weapon? A beautiful new paint job that partially masks the contours of his prototype 650b Trek Session.

It’s hard to tell was kind of special trickery the engineers at Trek have employed on this new bike, but the frame looks a little leaner than Ye ol’ Session, and the front triangle has a decidedly carbon look to it.

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  1. 650b DH bikes make sense for taller riders just as 29″ wheels do for AM/Trail.

    If this is a prototype then it likely isn’t carbon unless it’s very close to production (when you consider the costs to tool up for carbon production).

    That or it’s a stock Sessions front triangle (or near-production prototype 26″ front triangle) and they’ve done their mods to fit the 650b rear wheel to the alloy rear end.

    Either way Trek let me know when this will be available in an adult-sized XL and I’ll put down a deposit.

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