chrome industries 415 urban work boot

  • Chrome just launched a more commuter/walker friendly version of their hardcore boot. The new 415 Urban Work Boot is for people that like the look of a factory worker but want something soft and instantly broken in. These are just that, but maintain an oiled full grain leather upper, Storm breathable waterproof protection and a sneaker-like sole. Retail is $130.
  • Handsome Cycles will be throwing the 5th edition of the Cutters Ball on February 22nd, 2014 at their HQ in downtown Minneapolis. This year they have added the first annual Shop Bike Shootout to the card with a closed course brakeless banked ice race. The winners will take home prizes from Handsome Cycles, Chrome Industries and Bern Unlimited.
  • Road Holland has announced their sponsorship of the Bike Virginia Tour June 20-25th, 2014. Multiple route options are available for the tour that will be rolling through the regions of Chesterfield to Williamsburg. Single day, weekend, or full 6-day tour options are available.
  • PS- Get 20% Off Road Holland apparel today, Valentine’s Day, with promo code “FLOWER20”.
  • NAHBS will be partnering with Trips For Kids Charlotte to collect donations of “dusty not rusty” bikes, parts, and money during the show.
  • Kat Sweet has announced this years’ Sugar Shred Camp, a mountain bike training clinic exclusively for women will be held in Portland, Oregon, on February 28 – March 2, 2014. The event will include one evening of personalized coaching at the Lumberyard Indoor Mountain Bike Park and three days of bike-related events.
  • The Campagnolo Gran Fondo San Diego will be celebrating cycling in Italian style on April 6, 2014. The event will have three routes (34, 56 and 105 miles), well-stocked food stops, and a post-ride Italian feast from award-winning San Diego restaurant Acqua AL2.
  • Cycling Sports Group UK will launch the Guru Bike Fit Experience in the UK market this week through three pilot retail partners: Leisure Lakes (Daventry) who have the system in store this week, Tri UK (Yeovil) and Hoops Velo (Farnham).
  • A letter from The League of American Bicyclists: Last year, the Safe Streets Act (HR 2468) was introduced in the House – and the bill is gaining momentum. Last week, the same bill (S 2004) was introduced in the Senate. The timing is critical because both the House and Senate are drafting transportation bills – and we need complete streets to be included! We were so close in 2012, when the Senate passed a bill including complete streets – but it was stripped out by the House. With bi-partisan support in the House and growing support nationwide, now is the time to make it happen in 2014. Please ask your Senators and Representative to Support the Safe Streets Act today
  • And…the most random PR in our inbox this week: First Sign Hair Clip – a clip you wear in your hair that detects impact (punch, slap, kick, aggressive shake) through an accelerometer, calls for help via bluetooth, and warns your attacker that they are being monitored.


  1. As a Charlotte native, I’m happy to hear that NAHBS is teaming up with TripsForKids. Their bike recyclery program is top notch, they have an incredible space and great staff helping kids AND adults get bikes for free. Good guys.

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