Well, people already refer to fatbike tires as “clown sized” on Clown Shoe rims right? Our friends over at Borealis Bikes know how to have fun, especially on a fatbike which they clearly demonstrate with Rowdy the Clown ripping trail on a Borealis Yampa. The video creeps and stokes me out at the same time…


  1. This is really too bad you guys. All that work you did at the fatbike summit to help get people to take these seriously. You just pissed it away and then some with a minute of stupidity. think before you act next time.

  2. Looks like a trail in Colorado Springs. Gotta admit, it made me giggle. Glad someone who offers expensive carbon bikes has a sense of humor.

  3. @John….wow dude. Bike riding should never be about having fun, ever….especially on fat bikes, am I right? God forbid someone make a cool video and have a good time doing it. Quit being a hater.

  4. Great video, showed a fat bike riding some things I wouldn’t expect, with a good bit of float… would love to test ride *that* fat bike.

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