The snow is still falling outside and my bikes are calling to me from their lonely perch in the cold garage. Argh! When is spring gonna get here?? Enter the KtraK bike kit. Now there’s no need to wait for the thaw. Shred the pow past the break!


Who doesn’t want to take their mountain bike out after the big dump and hurl one’s self down black diamond runs?


Plus, tractor-tread is cool!


Straight from sunny Barcelona, KtraK is “Redefining The Mountain Bike,” or “Mountain Trike” in this case.


Ktrak is safety first, reminding you their product is not buoyant nor fireproof. Be the first kid in your neighborhood to own one; order it here.

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  1. Little behind the curve, these things were out at least 5 years ago, they are horrible in the snow, very hard work to pedal. Down a very steep hill it could be fun, but then just put skis on both wheels. Fatbikes are the best way to date to ride in a good amount of snow.

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