When he’s not busy with IFHT making hilarious parody films, NSMB videographer Matt Dennison has made quite a few awesome riding videos. The latest of which features Brendan Howey’s smooth and stylish riding. So smooth that they claim he’s never been filmed making a mistake. Seems legit.

The teaser for the latest Sony Action Cam Prove Yourself series features Brett Rheeder for his upcoming Airs and Alleys video.

Shot 100% with Sony’s Action Cam
#SonyActionCam #ProveYourself #DreamCapture #AirsandAlleys
Action Cam by Sony Presents: Dream Capture — Episode V “Airs & Alleys” with Brett Rheeder (Trailer)

X-Games gold medalist Brett Rheeder, takes urban mountain biking to a whole new level in the fifth installment of the Dream Capture web series. On February 27th, watch as we follow Rheeder and his roaming toolbox of ramps on the hunt for huge airs in Vancouver, BC.

With the culmination of cyclocross worlds, Cyclocross season is officially over. However, if you missed the world champs and want to see how the course compares to Kentucky, take a ride in Hoogerheide with Cody Kaiser and team USA.

2014 World Championship Course Preview with Team USA
Hoogerheide, The Nederlands
February 1,2 2014

Cody Kaiser – www.twitter.com/thekidkaiser
California Giant Berry Farms – www.twitter.com/calgiantcycling
Specialized Bicycles – www.twitter.com/iamspecialized

This last one is just a good, solid GoPro edit of Anres Biersteker having fun on some dirt jumps, produced by  Luuc Verburgh.


  1. No mistakes? How about using a track that has “F@#K Y@U!” yelled out.
    Not to be a prude, but it is difficult enough keeping the kids away from sites where you expect the possibility of know inappropriate content…you don’t really expect it on a bike web site…

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