Race Face narrow-wide cyclocross chainrings

Just in time for your ’14/’15 season prep comes the new Race Face Narrow/Wide Cyclocross Chainrings.

They use the same thick/thin alternating tooth profiles as their mountain bike single chainring, which we’ve started reviewing here. They’ll be offered in 110BCD (38/40/42) and 130BCD (40/42/44), in black only for starters. They can be mounted to the inside or outside of your normal double chainring crankset’s spider, yielding a 46.5mm chainline when mounted on the outer face (recommended) and 40mm on the inside. Standard road double chainline is roughly 45mm.

Some sizes available now, others coming very soon. Retail is $59.99 to $69.99 depending on size. More below…

Race Face narrow-wide cyclocross chainrings

The chainrings can be run with either side facing out, stealthy or brand loyal. Other colors may come in the future if demand is there. They do not come with bolts, but should work with standard bolts/nuts on some cranksets. Depending on the design, and which side of the chainring you face outward, you may need short or single speed bolts/nuts.

Race Face narrow-wide cyclocross chainrings

Rob at Race Face weighed a 110/42t and 130/44t chainring, and both ended up at 76g.



  1. CXisfun,

    People deal with much worse (excessive flex, rims that don’t stop when wet) to save a pound or less off their road bikes 🙂

  2. Coupe – I don’t see a 46 on Wolf Tooth’s website. I emailed them and they indicated that they might expand their offerings this spring, so hopefully soon.

  3. i was looking for one of these a year and a half ago when i built my commuter up. now i can have one!
    i am currently running a 48 with an 11-27 1×10, and its more than enough range for the area of Texas i live in; the jumps between gears arent too bad at that cassette range.

  4. these are pretty, but where are the clutch derailleurs to go with it (short cage for the typical 12-27 or 11-28) for racing cross? $15-20 gets a 130bcd 42T bmx chainring off ebay…

  5. Awesome! After getting a 4 bolt RF ‘ring for a 1×10 mtb set-up, I was looking for a 5 bolt for my commutter, at RF quality and price. Prayers answered!

  6. 1+ here for a 48 or 50T for road use, would be ideal on my commuter.

    But 1 thing, there are still a hell of a lot of us still using 9 speed bits (i have a some loevely XO 9 speed that is still working fine), so when will these guys not realaise that some of us still have this stuff but still want to run 1x set ups as well.

    I currently am running 3 1×9 set-ups, 1 cross 1 MTB & 1 commuter, so a 1x compatable thick/thin would be really appreciated!

  7. I just pulled the trigger on a 40t closeout RF single ring the other day for my ss cx build. I almost went wit the Narrow wide… but I don’t plan on running any gears.

  8. 50t x XX1 on the road baby. That’s what I’m talking about. Find a gear and either spin or mash- it’s up t you. No more fannying about with old fr Mech tech I say…

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