10th Anniversary Misfit Psycles Dissent X hardtail aluminum 29er mountain bike frame

Misfit Psycles turns 10 this year, so founder Peter Keiller is celebrating by giving the people what they want.

The (very) limited edition diSSent X gets updated with all the modern features customers have supposedly been asking him for, namely a 44mm head tube, thru-axle rear and made-in-Canada quality.

The frame uses essentially the same domestically sourced tube set as the Dissent AL-C, except with a larger head tube to fit modern tapered forks. The sliding dropouts switch to 12mm thru axle compatible versions, and it’ll get (wait for it) a matte black paint job. Where it gets really special is based on when you order it…

10th Anniversary Misfit Psycles Dissent X hardtail aluminum 29er mountain bike frame

Frames will ship with new dissent Mk.V 12mm thru axle sliders and tooled axle. For about $70-ish more, you can upgrade to the DT Swiss thru axle. The frame will fit their standard Mk.IV QR sliding dropouts, too, so you can always regress.

The frame will be made in a single small batch of up to 150 frames. If you’re among the first 20 to place an order, and you get said order in before February 15, you’ll snag the frame for just $650. You’ll also get the best collection of special prizes, namely access to an optional green anodized “X” hardware kit (headset, dropouts, top cap and special tooled seat collar). Other anniversary goodies include a t-shirt, certificate and expedited shipping.

After 20 frames or February 15, prices go up and schwag count goes down. And when they’ve sold 150 frames, that’s it. Check the website for the full pricing/ordering schedule. Production is slated to start in a couple months with delivery no later than June 1 – earlier if they sell out quickly.

Made in Surrey, BC, by the same builder that does their Dissent AL-C.



  1. Why would Misfit make a Limited Edition frame with contemporary details? Just make them all like that! Why would anyone want to buy a 1 1/8 headtube frame etc. when you can always adapt your old headsets etc. to your new frames?

  2. I own a dissent AL and a buddy has a dissent ALC the quality between the 2 is huge. The welds and tubes are much nicer on the canadian version. The rear end has more tire clearance the tubes are s- bent not crimped for clearance. If I could convince my wife I would buy an anniversary model right now.

  3. The frame is limited edition in that the quantities are limited.
    Any future frames will also incorporate the changes…they will not include the X edition decals highlights or such and future frames (if made) would be in production batches.

    As for the headset choices…it is absolutely correct that you cannot actually use a 1 1/8″ headset but you can buy a 44 that converts to a 1 1/8″ at least…thus the wide selection of steerer tube/forking options.


  4. I’d love to see a steel version with the 44mm headtube. That’s the only reason I’m not on my diSSent any more…outdated headtube and I’ve fallen in love with steel for my SS mountain bike frame material.

  5. Just to add…otherwise…the diSSent is near perfect. Geometry-wise, the diSSent is the best frame I’ve ever ridden. Fingers crossed steel will make a future showing in the new line-up.

  6. So, you guys going on about the dissent geometry- i don’t get it- has he found some sort of sweet spot with 17.9″ stays and a 72 degree head angle? I’ve never ridden one, so correct me if i’m wrong, but it looks like it’s probably just a really bland riding frame with a superficial tough guy image.

  7. You would be wrong. The frame is stiff, quick, nimble, and even climbs decently. As a single speed…it puts good power to the ground as well. That’s IMO at least. And the “tough guy” image doesn’t hurt. It’s a good looking bike when built.

  8. Okay Chad. i’m not saying you can’t have fun on your special bike in the woods. Of course you can, it’s a bike. I’ve had a blast on all kinds of stupid bikes. But seriously, it puts the power to the ground real good? Seriously? I’m just saying that the geometry is as boring and uninspired as they come, and this guy seems to be riding on his you can’t tell me what to do punk rock image as the only thing that differentiates these bikes.

  9. I think this frame looks awesome, but it looks a little heavy. For my SS I ride a new SIR 9, and the 44 ht made a HUGE difference in stiffness compared to the 1 1\8 ht that my MCR 9 had. I feel it would be in this companys’ best interest to make all their mountain bikes with a 44 or taperd headtubes.

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