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Photo submitted by Joe Roettgen, “This is a photo taken in Longview Lake Park in KC, MO after a recent ice and sleet storm. The bike is a 1996 Mongoose Rockadile, converted to a ‘chubby’ bike using 2.4″ Panaracer Swoops. This bike was recently purchased off Craigslist as a winter project and has turned into quite the capable bike for snow and deep woods. I recently converted it from 7 to 9 speed by swapping the freehub body and adding 12-36t cassette, but derailleurs remain stock Shimano STX and STX-RC units. Cantilever brakes were upgraded to STX as well. This vintage bike suits my old and slow style very well.”

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  1. I agree. This bike looks really classy, too. Good job! Also, jealous of your snow. Still dry in the state of Jefferson.

  2. How did you “swap the freehub body” for a cassette? I have an old mountain bike and would like to do the same thing. I suppose the rear wheel has to be changed, and if so, is the rear dropout spacing different?

  3. Thanks for the positive comments.

    Agree, “upgrade” to STX is a relative term… it had AceraX on it. I just wanted to keep the STX theme going and had them from another bike.

    I did not want to replace the original Mavic rims so I went for the freehub body swap. Luckily this bike had 135mm rear spacing to start with, so really all I had to do was replace the 7 speed freehub body with one from an 8 speed hub (ebay). I also used the right side axle spacers from the 8 speed hub, and the 7 speed spacers on the left. In the end the rim landed right in the center of the frame without too much drama. The hardest part was removing the freehub body from the hub without it being attached to a rim.

    Check out the “Body Transplantation” and “Upgrading From 6-/7-speed (126 mm) to 8-/9-speed (130 or 135 mm)” from Sheldon Brown’s site here: .

  4. Joe R., thanks for the tip and the referral to Sheldon Brown. I was mistaken as to the terminology–what I have is a freewheel, not a freehub (1983 Stumpjumper). I’ll have to check the rear spacing before going further.

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