Arkel Dry-Lites

Arkel,  purveyors of racks and panniers for touring,  have introduced their new Dry-Lites pannier set.  At 420g for the pair, weight-weenies need apply.  The bags run $89.95 a set. They can carry 32 liters (1952 cu. in.) combined.  They use a waterproof roll top closure, and with safely always in mind, there are reflectors on all sides.  The bags include a carry handle and shoulder strap, and for easy storage they can be rolled up very compact.

As our reader Gary pointed out in the comments, the pricing is a bit confusing when looking at the Arkel website.  I reached out to them for clarification and received this response:

“Thanks Nick, For running the press release and for asking for clarification. Believe it or not it’s $89 for the pair. The saddlebags come as one complete unit,  meaning you have to use it as a pair. it’s an ingenious system that  you place over the top of the rack and in addition to hooking to the bottom of the rack on either side, it velcros to the front end of the bike rack so there is no sliding back and forth of the bags . It’s very secure, very light and lots of space, rolls up incredibly strong and comes with our lifetime warranty.”


  1. I’ve long thought about imitating something like this for my self, but I’m not sold on the velcro retention. I’m sure they’re secure, but I can just imagine the bottom of the bags swinging about like crazy with no straps there.

  2. Looks like they have a bungie-like strap that clips onto a rack at the bottom. They could do a better job with their pictures on the web page.

  3. I think you’ve got the price wrong — these are $89.95 per pannier. The Arkel website isn’t very clear on this point, but the price is listed as “$89.95 (unit)” whereas most of their panniers are listed as “(pair)”.

  4. Gary I hope you are wrong, cause I just ordered a set. Its called a set, and the capacity seems to match to getting a pair. But you are right it looks like you get one and not a pair, depending on how you read it. I’ll be sending it back if its only one. I contacted Universal Cyycle and they said it is a pair.

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