Following last summer’s release of French urban camo bags with glass bead reflective patterns, Chrome’s 2nd edition incorporates Swedish M90 geometric camouflage designs into three bags.

Over top of the bags is a “camo rain” glass bead print that illuminates from up to 100 feet away when hit with light. Click through for details and a day/night shot of the fabric…


Not the most dramatic photo, but you get the point. Much better night photo on their product page.


The Citizen is their standard and most well known messenger bag. It gets all the trademark features like belt buckle strap closure, blinky light loop, weatherproof Cordura exterior and tarpaulin interior lining. There’s room for a 17″ laptop inside, along with all manner of other essentials. Retail is $180.


The Barrage backpack has the same weatherproof materials with a roll top closure. Inside is a 15″ laptop sleeve, and outside is a stretch mesh cargo net and side mounted U-lock pocket. It’ll hold from 22-34 liters of goods. Retail is $200.


No, we just couldn’t call it a fanny pack in the title, but the Victor “Utility Belt” is the smallest option. Sometimes your jeans are just too tight to hold anything, but you haven’t quite moved to the murse. The Victor is your answer, and it’s even weatherproof enough to keep your wallet (plus room for the chain) and cell phone dry. Loops for blinky lights with reflective strips are on the bottom. Retail is $95.


  1. Wow. That looks like fallschirmjager camo from WWII.
    Like the design and all, but heavy branding isn’t my thing.

    Though they’re a good company so I hear, so props to em’.

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