Composer Johnyyrandom’s debut single, Bespoken, creates a beautiful piece of music using only bicycle parts. As in, 100% of the sounds in the song are made by tuning, rubbing, strumming, banging and tapping the frame and components. This video provides a look at the process, and you can get the whole song on iTunes here. There’s also the Inverted Mtb Remix here.


  1. or the steady creak of a PF30 BB. But seriously, all cutting room regrets aside, this is very cool. Definitely worth $0.99 to have in the collection.

  2. @Peter – I’ve always had the impression that Frank Zappa was pulling one over on the “Steve Allen Show”, especially since he was notorious for being hilariously subversive… There are some interesting similarities to John Cage’s performance of “Water Walk” on the show “I’ve Got A Secret” in 1960.

    When I composed “Bespoken”, I was going for the sonic opposite of what Cage or Zappa did: I wanted to make something that was mostly free of arhythmic cacophony or abrasive elements… I hope that makes sense.

    That said, you’d be surprised how far back this concept goes: Samuel Goss invented the “Musical Bicycle” in 1899:

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