Loop Bike RackFor many of us with with an N+1 hoarding problem, it’s often our  most  inconspicuous bike that gets ridden the most. For me, that bike takes the shape of a mid 90s american made mountain bike. It looks like an old beater but on closer inspection you might notice the White Industry cranks or original DT hubs.

So while my townie may not appear special, I love that bike, and I always lock it up with care. It may just be an old crappy bike, but it’s my old crappy bike, and I try to keep it from getting scratched our dented. Since our audience is also filled with bike enthusiasts, I’m assuming many of you feel the same way, so drop past the break to learn more about a neat concept bike rack…
How the Loop Rubber Bike Rack WorksThe Loop rack consists of a high strength steel chain wrapped in a durable, UV resistant rubber. The rack itself mounts using the same steel base design used by other competitors. In it’s current form, the rack can fit up to two bikes. different possible loop rubber rack shapesThe loop shape is just a starting point, as the company is looking into other designs as well. The Ottawa based company The Federal Inc is still in the product testing phase. They’re looking for an additional 10-20 test locations, so give them a holler at hello@thefederal.co if your school or workplace is interested in becoming more biker friendly!

Via The Federal


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