Yokozuna Reaction and Standard bicycle brake cable sets getting new universal and disc brake kitsThis spring, Yokozuna’s Reaction and Premium cables will get revised kits.

The first is a “Universal/Disc” version for road and mountain bike with Shimano road/mtb cable ends and a single, uninterrupted 4000mm section of brake cable housing that will accommodate full length rear brake runs, internal or external. This does mean Campagnolo riders will need to order a separate set of cables if they need the full length housing and they’re running mechanical discs.

The second is an updated “Road” kit that keeps the precut brake housing sections and will use double ended Shimano/Campy cables.

The move will reduce inventory requirements for shops and meet their growing demand for the existing CX/Road Disc kits.

The Reaction kits include shifter lever housing also and should continue to retail for $69.99. The Premium kits are sold as brake or shifter sets for $29.99. Look for them to start shipping through Merry Sales (for the U.S.) around the end of April, possibly a bit sooner.


  1. Been running these for a year on my roadie bike…no issues, best cables out there. Any word on full length housing for MTB derailleurs??

  2. I’m glad to see a cable maker addressing the new reality. The one complaint I had about the Jagwire kit on my wife’s CX bike was not enough stuff to finish the job without digging into my parts bins. That said pink housing is surprisingly hard to find and the reduced diameter housing at the ends for less bulk under the bar tape is a nice touch that other companies should emulate

  3. I’m using this stuff for my drop bar mtb, fat bike, and CX bike, with disc brakes and cx V-brakes. I’ve set it up on my buddies bikes. While it’s stiff to get around certain bends, and can require some tweaking to get to enter cable stops straight at the front (due to that stiffness), it’s the best I’ve ever encountered once set up correctly. For full housing, it’s tops. My cable discs (Avid BB7) with SRAM levers (Force and Rival) feel much better than any other set-up I’ve encountered. Effectively butter smooth, and no compression. I get the feel I want, and the power too. Their lube is excellent (whatever it is, seems dry), and does not freeze up in the cold (like, -20C cold). I have no desire to use any other housing on my bikes for brakes. For shifting, it seems to be identical to the good Shimano stuff. I’ve noted a little cracking in the plastic covering, which can allow rust to form, but that should be cosmetic, and not affect performance, as the cable is sealed in the inner liner.

  4. Fantastic stuff. No noticeable compression and still smooth 2 years later. Not a fan of the rust under the housing though. Also, it’d be great if they came out with a color line.

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