Swobo recently announced a pair of completely new bikes, giving fixie and trail riders something to round out their collection. What they didn’t mention until we met up with them on their Swobo Road Show was the addition of step-through frame options for the Fillmore and Novak. Not specifically women’s models, they use a hydroformed chromoly frame like the standard versions, but get a bit shorter effective top tube length and other minor geometry tweaks.

The Novak (beige) gets a three speed hub and rim brakes to come in at $1,049. The Fillmore upgrades to an 8-speed Alfine hub and disc brakes for $1,399. Spec is pretty good, with bonus touches like lock on grips and polished/hammered metal fenders. More pics below…







  1. I like Swobo bikes, I really do, and I’d like to carry them in my shop but they’re just too expensive. Factor in having to order them from Hawley and give them a cut and it isn’t worth it. I suppose some of it is a factor of not having a large enough economy of scale; I just wish they were competitive and dealer direct.

  2. Andrew: expensive relative to whom?

    Swobo has always seemed to be extremely “price-competitive”, i.e. much cheaper than the comparable Surly, whether that’s built up or just the F/F. If there’s another brand that belongs in the conversation, I can’t think of it just now.

  3. Champs,

    When you say that SWOBA is price competitive compared to Surly. You cannot compare the bikes above to Surly as they are completely different. You have to compare the above bikes to Linus, Brooklyn Cruzier, Breezer, etc.

    The prices above are closer to Pashley, Paperbike, Abici, and all of those are make in Europe vs. Taiwan.

  4. what happened to the old swobo? enough with the taiwanese tanker bikes. give me some eddy hoodies, fenster knickers, minkman shorts, silk pokadot lined cotton jackets, wool mccluhan hoody, etc,etc. bring it back…

  5. The problem with the old SWOBO is that it would do OK in big cities or major markets but because it was so expensive the it would not sale in the mid sided markets until stuff was put on sale.

    Most people on this site love bike stuff but the larger population sees some of this stuff as just too expensive compared to other similar stuff out there so it does not sell.

    If it does not sell then dealers have a difficult time committing dollars to it.

    Look at the high end GIRO clothing. It’s very nice, made in Santa Cruz but the prices are very high and difficult to sell.

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