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While Borealis Bikes and Wolf Tooth Components are both relatively young companies, both have managed to make some big waves in their respective circles. Now, they’re teaming up for more. Apparently the two have been working together since the beginning, but the WTC 190mm front derailleur adapter will be the first product to come of the partnership.

Why do we need another front derailleur adapter? Align yourself with the details next.

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Thanks to the 100mm bottom bracket of most fatbikes, standard front derailleurs aren’t compatible with the widely spaced frames. To date frames have needed either an adapter that allowed a High Direct mount front derailleur to be used, or utilized an e-type front derailleur. Since some bikes have a press fit bottom bracket instead of a threaded BB, e-type derailleurs can’t be used, and the first derailleur adapters were designed to work with 135mm offset, or 170mm centered rear ends – not the new 190mm behemoths. While Problem Solvers has had their adapter for Surly Moonlanders out for awhile, Wolf Tooth and Borealis state that the 49mm offset of their adapter is better suited to 2x drivetrains than the 55mm offset of the Problem Solver’s adapter.

The adapter is specifically designed to work with 2x drivetrains, and will work with long spindle 2x cranks like models from Race Face and Surly, and will also work with the SRAM X9 fatbike crank if used in conjunction with the soon to be released WTC 2X fat offset spider. The adapters will be immediately shipping on all Borealis bikes equipped with a 2x drivetrain, and can also be purchased through the WTC web store for $49.95. Keeping in tradition with WTC products, the adapter that fits 34.9mm seat tubes will be 100% designed and manufactured in the USA from 7075 T651 aluminum, and weighs 34g. Available in Red or Black.


  1. The moonlander is a 2x drivetrain, and the problem solvers product was created for it. I find it hard to believe that surly went to the trouble of creating this bike and the associated adapter, but that they were off by 6mm, and now WTC has come up with the perfect fix.

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