Yesterday we featured the Cactus Tongue bike shelf.  Our reader and commenter Milessio pointed out that a similar product exists by a company called Cycloc.  The Cycloc Solo is made from 100% recycled materials and should have a plastic feel to it.  It can hold bikes in either a vertical or horizontal position, and it accommodates a tube diameter up to 65mm.  It will fit traditional round tubes, as well as shaped tubing.  The device is fixed to the wall using three anchor points, and while no weight limit is specified, if anchored correctly it should hold most bicycles without issue.  A pass through is present so that your bike can be locked to the Solo.  Should you have a wide bar, an optional spacer is included.  As you can see by the above video, this thing can hold pretty much any bike you own, despite its size and shape.  It’s not exactly the cheapest option on the market with an MSRP of £59.95 (about $98.95).  However, It does come in a variety of pretty colors to match your decor.


  1. We did stock these and yeah… they just sit there. No one wants to buy them and they’re now on sale just to get them out the door.

  2. I looked into one of these some years ago. It won’t work well with oversized top tubes. And “cactus tongue” does not place bikes in a position that is pleasing to the eyes (crooked if hung from top tube or wheels away from the wall, if hung from the handlebar). I found, for the apartments I have lived in, one of those free standing posts with cradles for two bikes works best, e.g, the Topeak Dual Touch. Some years ago I found a white one, from Minoura, which is more discrete against white wall than a black post.

  3. Very clever design. Like it, and it’s worth the money. Anyone who owns a carbon frame should not be complaining about the price of plastic.

  4. At this point, I don’t care how “pretty” it is (well, those wood Mikili ones are nice, and I’ve seen several other variations by other artisans) after years of having a gravity stand in my living room or kitchen (put a yoga mat under it or similar wipeable surface. Best advice I could give you ever.) All I can think about storing bikes indoor is dripping wet bikes. And not in a good way. And tire marks on the wall – because the handlebars never stay straight like they do in advertisements. You bump them or need to tilt them for space. And grime. And snagging clothes on pedals. However, you do have a built-in “work stand” in your place. BONUS!

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