Don-Walker-Star-Track-BikeSomewhere between running his team and putting on this little show called NAHBS, Don Walker finds time to build a few bikes. Typically, they’re for the track or the cyclocross course, but every now and then he brings a little something different. Let’s see what’s been going on since last year’s interview and show

BIKERUMOR: What are your main building materials?

DON: Still steel. I have been threatening to break out of that for a while now, but time will tell.

BIKERUMOR: What’s new with your company since NAHBS last year?

DON: I’ve tried to re-tool, re-organize and get the shop flow to be able to produce bikes quicker. Seems to be faster, too!

BIKERUMOR: Any killer custom bike builds in that time?

DON: Just some ‘cross bikes for my team. I kind of took a bit of time off to work through some personal issues going on in my life.

BIKERUMOR: Say a customer gives you free reign, where do you draw your inspiration for the best projects?

DON: Most customers looking for a track bike do that anyhow. They normally say, “here’s my fit, do what you want to do, just make sure you use some aero tubes.”, so that’s usually what I end up doing.


BIKERUMOR: What are you building this year that’ll draw a crowd?

DON: I think it will more be along the lines of the paint this year. A road tandem with a hot paintjob should turn some heads.

BIKERUMOR: Scenario: NAHBS introduces a new category called Mashups, pairing two completely different builders to make one bike. Who’s the yin to your yang, and what kind of bike do you think you’d build?

DON: Ha! Did that this year! I had Erik Noren from Peacock Groove come help me get out of a hole I dug myself into by going to Japan and some issues I had to deal with last summer. While they were my design, and my brazing, I think if Erik and I worked together on something from the very beginning, it would really be a sweet ride. As far as what kind of bike, I am guessing it would be a Mountain Bike or a Fat Bike. I don’t have much experience with either, but I really want to learn more about them.



  1. The tandem is awesome…I saw it in person at the 2008 NAHBS and it led me to order my first of 3 bikes from Don. All of which are very very beautiful! The track bike also pictured here belongs to my teammate and Madison partner.

  2. I ordered a shirt as a Christmas present from Don Walker cycles, after 2 weeks of not receiving it I tried to contact him by phone to find out if it was sent and left a message, he never replied. I finally managed to contact him via his Facebook page him to ask him about it, said he forgot and said he would send it. A week later I asked again if he sent it, he said yes, but product still never arrived. After a few more weeks I finally put a complaint into PayPal, he refunded my money saying the shipping was too expensive, so he never actually sent anything. Be careful when you order online from him, sketchy business practices.

  3. Don Walker is the man, I look forward to riding with him when he comes to charlotte. but
    I think this article is entitled “Road to NAHBS 2014: Don Walker’s Steel Bicycles”. Not simonblanie complain about not getting something.

  4. Simon,

    I certainly understand your complaint about my lack of delivering a shirt to you which we settled already via paypal refund. I take full responsibility for missing the email notification and voicemail. However, shipping to Canada was almost as much as the cost of the shirt! Since you have gone to *this* great length to let the public be aware of my sketchy business practices, I will send you 2 free t shirts at no cost to you because the last thing I need is for you to be this unhappy and the world to know poorly I treated a Canadian who was supporting my brand.


  5. I had always wanted a custom frame. Wondering when that day would come was always
    in the back of my mind. I met Don at a CX race in Indy through a mutual friend. His bikes
    have always looked amazing. I even rode a couple that some friends have. I was hooked.
    How to get one of those bikes? A few months later, I was invited to join the Don Walker
    Racing Team. I’m now riding a Don Walker CX bike. It has Surly single speed drop-outs
    with a derailleur hanger to be geared or SS. The bikes rear transmits power like a track
    bike and handles like it’s on rails. The best thing about the bike; it was built by Don.

  6. I have two bikes from Don. The first was a road bike. After a 2 1/2 hour fit process, and a couple discussions about what I wanted, I requested it be built by a specific date (my birthday). Not only did I get my bike when I wanted it, I got build photos and even a couple shots from the painter while I was waiting. The bike was dialed in when I got it, and I haven’t tweaked it once since. It’s truly an inspired build; it corners like it’s on rails, with a ride only a steel bike can provide. I asked for a bike that rode as good as my Madone. I got one that exceeded every expectation!

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