Friday Features: Young Rippers, Bikes and Beer, Afghanistan Bikes, and more!

Yup, go ahead and start feeling bad about your own skills because Connor Gallart kills it and is only 14 years old. Certainly the future of mountain biking for at least slopestyle and dirt jump riding, young rippers like Connor let us know the future is in good hands. Produced by Tyler Paget Productions.

Like beer and bikes? Check out the Beer on a Roll Movie after the break!

Many of us have or had the desire to ride across the US on a bike, but Michael Addison wanted a little more out of his cross country ride. Beer. Last Summer Michael set off from San Francisco to New York city and made plans to stop at craft breweries along the way. The trailer above gives a bit of a tease to the adventure, but for more check out Michael’s Youtube channel for individual videos at the breweries!


Great Britain is famous for its gardens and its greenery but you won’t see much of that in this series. Instead Olly Wilkins, Brendan Fairclough, and some of the UK’s best MTB riders are taking you on a dirt-based tour around the Kingdom. Along the way they will be stopping off to ride the choicest trails and dirt jumps that their filthy little island has to offer while showcasing the personalities and performances that make the scene unique. Put on an old pair of jeans and some work boots, you’re about to enter the United Kingdom of Dirt.

We don’t exactly see Afghanistan as a big riding destination, but Matt Hunter knows how to find good trails.


Matt Hunter just finished a grueling, 12-day expedition mountain biking over some of the roughest roads in Afghanistan. Every day he spent 10 to 12 hours taking his ride over any and all types of terrain, from mountains and deserts to high-altitude snow fields. Naturally, he needed a bike that was as strong and reliable as it was high-performance. What he assembled was a very tricked out piece of machinery. If you’ve got a big expedition coming up you might want to take notes. You’ve got 12 Days to Ride the Length of Afghanistan, Pick Your Bike | Gear Geek


So just what is it like to ride in Afghanistan? Well first you have to get there. Then the adventure really begins. Wow. Sony Action Cam helps Matt Hunter capture the journey.


Brayden Barrett/Hay has been on the rise over the last two seasons of the FMB World Tour. He’s been of good fortune health wise, only suffering mild sprains and tweaks over his career. That was until Redbull Joyride 2013, where Brayden would suffer a grade 3 concussion after one of the worst crashes seen in competition over the past few years. Get an exclusive look to what all athletes experience physically and emotionally after suffering such severe injuries. Check out episode one, here.

Kona Factory Team Australia at 2014 National Round 1 hosted in Adelaide.‎

Filmed, edited and produced by Ty Bowmaker:

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