FOUND: Veeka Gloves Bring Retro Back, And Add Some Tech


Why do some classics fall from favor? That’s what the folks at Veeka wanted to know. But they didn’t wait around for an answer. They resurrected a classic instead, and upped the ante with a few solid improvements to the classic knitted mitt. If you kick it vintage style, or simply are vintage, do yourself a favor and grab more on these gloves past the break…



The result of this renaissance: “vintage form, modern feel.” Plus you get a really cool suntan.



What you get:

1) Handwoven cotton

2) Classic velcro closure

3) Teeth pull tab for easier mid-ride adjustments

4) Non-slip silicone texture for white-knuckling it down your local mountain pass

5) Leather palms (on $34 models: Kubler and Faber); Vegan “amara” synthetic suede (on $30 models: Defraye, Garin and Bottechia) if you’re into that kind of thing

See the full line here.



4 thoughts on “FOUND: Veeka Gloves Bring Retro Back, And Add Some Tech

  1. Cotton back is great for wiping snot on. It will hold a ton! Worst thing in he past was how poorly the palm fit, these look to be premium fit.

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