The Doll House Garage (2)

Posted by Reddit User Sponge_worthy82 on Reddit today, this beautiful miniature bicycle shed and repair area was lovingly constructed by his aunt, and is the lilliputian scale garage of our dreams.


From the Aunt:

“This started when I saw the Pedal ID bikes on the internet. They sell them in Milwaukee WI. The fixed gear bikes can be taken apart and change the sprocket, seat, handle bars, wheels, tires. The tools to take them apart are included with the bike. I am a piano teacher and the children come and have to wait. I thought this would be fun, for even the boys to play with while they wait. The tools were very hard to find. The scale is always too small or too big. I have found men on the internet who make the most incredible tools of metal and wood. The cost is way out there. I cannot work with metal so I am limited to what is available. Like the Bike rack is a toast holder from Salvation Army for $.99. I love to build. I love to fabricate. I love to make something out of something else. The wheel holder was a napkin holder. I took the weaving off and made the wood inserts so the tires would stay upright.”

Whittle past the break for more close ups of the impressive little shop….
The Doll House Garage (3)Who has this many colored rims and matching wheelsets laying around? Seriously. Or gold chainrings!

The Doll House Garage (5)The only thing missing is a kegerator.

The Doll House Garage (6)

The Doll House Garage (4)

The Doll House Garage (1)We couldn’t find a banana for scale style image, but this should give you some idea of the scale of this little shop of awesome.

Special thanks to Cutter Butter for the tip!


  1. Awesome story, but the tag line is a bit sexist. I’m a woman, I ride bikes, I never played with dolls. Most doll houses are built by old guys rather than “girls”. Let’s keep perpetuating stereotypes and continue to create a gender gap in the cycling world. *eye roll*

  2. My thoughts exactly, Rye. Who says dollhouses can’t be for boys? Who says girls don’t like bikes? Nevermind that this was built by a woman. Let’s leave gender out of it. Really cool model I would have loved to play with as a kid. Or right now.

  3. Great….

    Can somebody tell me wich scale this is?

    I am building my own in a 1:12 scale, but it is very difficult to find bikes in this scale

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