Have your eyes on a Ripley or a Mojo, but the price tag is making you think twice? You might be happy to hear that Ibis is expanding their Special Blend program to include the Ripley, Mojo HDR, and Mojo SL-R. By using a blend of X-Fusion suspension and Shimano SLX drivetrain, Ibis was able to get the original Mojo SL Special Blend under $3,000. The pricing drop continues, but expect the Special Blend Ripleys and Mojo HDRs to be under $4,000, while the SL-R will retail for under $3,000. Special blend groups are in stock now, and are live choices on their site.


  1. You know, I really like ibis. They ride awesome and all that jazz. I loved them back in the 90’s when their ti bikes had the little fist holder dealibob… But these days, it doesn’t seem like their bikes are innovating as much and everything looks the like the same. I do gotta say though, their price point is tough to beat!

  2. I don’t know – a company that waits until a product is actually ready for the market place versus rushing something to the consumer because it’s “hot” – I respect their engineering and design process. I work at a shop that sells Ibis to be fair and while it was frustrating losing 29er sales because of the delay of the Ripely I really think it’s an innovative bike with a lot of though put into it!

  3. The wire routing is the downfall, if any, on the Ripley. The holes they guide through on the headtube are not well thought out. If the rumours of a Ripley HD coming in may are true I fully expect that oversight to be sorted for such an expensive frame.

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