Come on – with all the people involved in designing that bridge no one thought, “hey, this could be really fun to ride on a bike?” Yes, the Seventh Street bridge in Fort Worth, Texas needed plywood transitions between the arches for pro BMXer Mat Olson to clear the whole thing, but that didn’t keep him from what looked to be a pretty fun ride. After the bridging the gap, local media was on it, trying to keep anyone else from having the same idea. We’re guessing there will be some sort of barricades at each end of the bridge in the near future.

Want to see the whole ride from Mat’s perspective? Check it out after the break.

PropsBMX along with DecoBMX published the full video which includes helmet cam footage of Mat’s ride. To fans of trials riding, or just about anyone who has seen a movie starring Danny MacAskill, riding over a bridge is nothing new, but you have to admit the Seventh Street bridge looks like it was tailor made for the stunt.

A game of bike is a great way to have fun with your friends. It’s also makes for a great video if you have rippers like Aaron Chase and Kirt Vories duking it out. RockShox brings us a very cold game a bike – any guesses who wins?

Anytime there is a dog in a mountain bike video, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be a hit. Jonathan Kang of Foxwood Films shot this clip of Bryan riding with his dog Kaia, or more like trying to keep up with his dog Kaia. This video left a lot of people impressed with Kaia’s speed, keeping it low and fast over the terrain.

Fast trail dogs appears to be universal, as Torpedo7 put together this clip of Poppy the dog ripping it down Rude Rock – a well known trail in New Zealand.

Flatland riding can be pretty mesmerizing.  Beautiful even. Especially with videos like these of Matthias Dandois and Terry Adams. As the judges for Red Bull’s top flatland BMX videos of 2013, they each nominated each other for the top spot.

Vans Europe filmed Matthias’ spot in Toulouse, while Terry Adams teamed up with Mickey Gaidos.


  1. Well done, probably safer than sharing a lane with an SUV driver, should have popped a little manual on the last decent to sweeten the deal.

  2. I’m just glad it doesn’t snow in Fort Worth – we dodged an inane discussion about “pushing the limits of fatbikes” there…

  3. @Nash,

    As an SUV driver, I resent your remark. Moron drivers come in all types of cars. When I ride on the road, I personally have had more close calls with cars like the Outback than I do anything else. But I have been nearly hit by just about every type of vehicle. So please, don’t be hating on someone because of what they drive (or ride.)

  4. That thing is mellow and will attract tons of skaters, bikers, etc. You could drop in barefoot on that thing on a board. Hundred bucks says they put skate stoppers on that within two months.

  5. @Tamalage…perhaps you missed the point Nash was trying to make, it wasn’t that SUV Drivers are necessarily evil, I believe it’s that his reference to “sharing a lane” was pointing to the the fact that full size SUVs are larger vehicles therefore taking more space in a lane that shouldn’t be shared (unless by sharing you mean driving/riding in single file and passing where it’s not only safe but legal and not in a 1/2 lane passing fashion) in the first place.

    Also that “stunt” was pretty lame, no wheelie, no hop, nothing and is it a stunt to ride what looks to be a 4′ wide elevated sidewalk? Slow news day fo’ sho’!

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