Riesel Design Front Fender

German design company Rie:sel has been mesmerizing cyclists with their application of wild graphics directly onto framesets – we showed you some of their work during our Tradeshow coverage in December. Now Rie:sell has implemented their technology into mud deflection. Splatter past the break to see more design options…

Riesel Design Rear Fender

Made in Germany at only 23g a pop, the Rie:sel fenders are race-ready.

Riesel Design Fenders - Stickerbomb UltraBlack

Rie:sel’s production process impregnates the graphics into the injection molded plastics creating a highly durable design that will withstand abuse from mud, rocks, debris, and the subsequent soap and water.

Riesel Design Fenders - Carbon

Seven unique graphic designs are available, slaking most any thirst for wild expressions of individuality. Check out the full line here.

Riesel Design Fender Instructions

Four zip-ties (and 13.95eur each, 26.50eur set) is all it takes; K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid).
Riesel Design Fenders - WorldCup

Grizzly Bears make you faster.


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