SRAM Red 22 11-speed road bike group introductions and actual weights

SRAM is delivering mechanical disc and rim brake replacements this week to consumers and dealers affected by the recall. They’re also stating that new, MY2015 hydraulic versions will be available and shipping as early as mid-April this year!

For consumer, you’ll have the option to upgrade to the new hydraulic systems at no charge, or keep the mechanical replacements and receive a $200 (€150) refund. You’ll need to go through your dealer for all of the above -recall, replacement and upgrade- as well as register on the official recall website. SRAM will reimburse the dealer for the cost of installation and related labor.

Retailers should contact SRAM Dealer Service to coordinate replacements. This includes customers’ parts and bikes on the showroom floor, the latter getting a joint effort from SRAM and the bicycle manufacturer to help sell through existing inventory already in the shop. More details on that program coming Monday, January 27th.


  1. My guess is that nothing will have changed other than the seals which failed at low temperatures will be specced correctly.

    I’m wondering what is happening to bikes that were specced OEM with the hydraulics. I was wanting a Giant TCX Advanced but they are very delayed. Are they going to be released with mechanical brakes and then upgraded?

  2. Matt: The word around the pits at CX Nats (including from the Cannondale/Cyclocrossworld mechanics) is that they started from scratch and designed a completely new system.

  3. New system with four months of product testing? Could be another winner. They may want to store some bikes in a meat locker this time around.

  4. I guess we will know eventually but our theory at our shop is a insufficient breath hole in the lever that caused a vacuum effect when the fluid shrunk @ low temps.

  5. So what about my Focus that is till sitting in the warehouse in NV? Will they outfit it with mechanical and finally ship it to my shop or will it be stuck in the warehouse until the new version is received, installed and shipped? I was planning to race this bike starting in March……

  6. My Red22 disc hydros were replaced at CX Nats by the SRAM techs who confirmed that the new system will be a completely redesigned from the ground up system.

    I am stoked to see the mid-April goal for starting replacements as the BB7s these were replaced with are all kinds of vague and mushy in comparison.

  7. As a Bike industry designer and OE manufacturer, my guess is that any replacement product will borrow highly from there existing MTB technology that is tried and true. Remember that most manufacturers are currently working on late 2015 product now, and that a replacement may be early release of a 2015+ product.

    We have been using mechanical disc brakes for 7 years with not one issue. We use a Taiwan made OEM product and we have also have used the BB7 from Avid both work very well. A correctly setup and spec’d mechanical disc brake can easily provide all the braking force required for road and cyclocross.

  8. So are consumers required to send the mechanical systems back when the new hydro set ups arrive? If so what the hell is in it for them for the massive inconvenience of not having bikes to ride for over a month and a half, plus another trip back and days wasted when the new systems have to be put on? They get the “new” systems? I’m pretty sure that’s not enough to warrant putting up with the crap they’ve gone through for investing in SRAM and their new technology. SRAM almost always goes above and beyond when we have warranty issues, but this case isn’t seeming so…

  9. Jake: Issue popped out beginning of December. If SRAM announced availability mid-April I guess they are just launching production.
    Creating brand new system, making prototypes, intensive testing and designing completely new tooling in 6 weeks? I doubt that.
    They may look slightly different, but I bet SRAM just made quick fixes.

  10. well im keeping my sram force set and might get the trp hrydo cable ones in the spring im not going thrue this again was getting my bike bilde up when all this went down so now will get it back 2 months later and sram will cover most of my bilde good thing bike shop did not finish the first one now im only out maby $100 or so next time im going to the new bike stuff like a new car and wate a year or 2 til they get the bugs out of it

  11. GWIZ- it’s looking like SRAM wants them back . From the 1/15 update on the recall website: “if you want to keep the mechanical system, we will provide cash reimbursement of US$200”. This seems really lame considering they’ll surely just destroy them.

  12. I too question SRAM on what thier intentions are, I mean I bought this bike in November and it was on the hook a month later, it’s just now road ready once again with Mech. So why are we not being told to keep the Mech. as compensation for our troubles. If I wanted the Mech. shifting and braking I would have gone that route to start with. I want to see them allow us to keep the replacement AND provide me with what I purchased to begin with. Make a clear decision here,are consumers required to send the mech. back when the new hydro set ups arrive? What is my comp for not having a brand new bike to ride for over a month and a half? Then there is the trouble of having to go back for the Hydro install in Spring when every bike shop is swamped with work and it will take two more weeks on the hook before I get it back. My expection is SRAM will go above and beyond when it comes to us keeping these replacements other wise I will surely be going back to Shimano. Brand loyality should stand for something here.

  13. Is this a bunch of Lawyers covering there ASS. My brakes work perfect I like them, I will not be riding my bike at below 40 degrees?

  14. So in other words… in the rush to get this new revolutionary product to market and grab the consumers money the old hyrdo brakes were not adequately tested before being released on the public… but now that SRAM has become the first to bring it to market and has the consumers money, leaving them stuck in the scenario …now they test the brakes in more depth…?

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