AX Lightness Endurance Plus padded carbon fiber bicycle saddle

AX Lightness is softening things up a bit with a padded version of their full carbon Endurance saddle. Called Endurance Plus, it adds two leather swatches to the rear. Technically, they’re not pads, they’re just leather covers to add a bit of softness and make the shell less slippery. The shell’s mold is grooved and relieved so the pads sit flush with the rest of it.

It maintains the same finished shape and 135mm width as the original and only adds 9g to the scales, coming in at a claimed 85g (+/-5%). Click through for more pics, color options and specs…

AX Lightness Endurance Plus padded carbon fiber bicycle saddle

It’s available with green, blue, black, white and red leather coverings. Custom colors are also available for a bit more coin. Rails are full carbon fiber, shell is carbon/kevlar. Dimensions are 279mm x 135mm x 64mm (L x W x H).

AX Lightness Endurance Plus padded carbon fiber bicycle saddle

They also modified the design a bit to increase the max rider weight limit. It’s up from 85kg to 100kg (220lbs) and, they say, suitable for both road and mountain bike use.

AX Lightness Endurance Plus padded carbon fiber bicycle saddle

Despite the additional labor involved in these, the price is €39 lower than the original. AX’s Neils Weidemann told us that’s because they expect to do higher volume with these, so they can get better economies of scale. Retail is €259.


  1. If you weigh 200 lbs and you’re NOT a world/Olympic class track sprinter you really should focus more on losing rider weight than bike weight.

  2. I have used them and am very very pleased (XC racing)

    Participated in the Epic Rides Grand Junction 40 mile race (read: awesomely technical and rocky) , with the unpadded version. With fears of soreness I brought a spare saddle for post race day rides in Fruita …

    Never needed the spare saddle: These saddles are very comfortable – even though they did not feel like that for the first few minutes of a ride (for my anatomy at least).I was not sore at all. Rode excessively for 4 days: Ribbon Trail, Holly Cross, horsethief mesa …

    Very impressed, I purchased their new spring version for my other XC bike . The quality of build is second to none (make sure you read the installation and torque instructions though)

    One downside, on and off the saddle in techy situations the saddle can have sharper edges than most other saddles… this padded version may alleviate that. I have had to adjust my riding a bit to avoid hitting the edges. I dont and would not use the saddle on my all mountian rig, but why would you.

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